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26 Times Disney Fans Were The Gift The Internet Didn't Deserve


1. This remix:

2. This perfect example of irony:

3. This uncanny resemblance:

4. This "happily ever after":

5. This interaction:

6. This accurate representation:

7. This commitment to the pun:

8. This ridiculous but brilliant picture:

9. This reality check:

10. This undercover movie reference:

11. This hidden truth:

12. This Churro Boy:

13. This enthusiasm:

14. And this nonchalance:

15. This sequence that is way too real:

16. This dick pic reaction:

17. This play on Taylor Swift:

18. This classic that truly never gets old:

19. This harsh reveal:

20. This observation:

21. This llama in disguise:

22. This picture of every night out with your friends:

23. This memory:

24. This obvious difference:

25. This relatable image:

26. And this, which is enough to ruin anyone's childhood: