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    24 Jokes That Will Make Catholics Laugh Harder Than They Should

    *Jesus does the cup song at the Last Supper* You’re going to miss me when I’m gone.

    1. This pope who lives for the drama.

    2. This thoughtful question.

    3. This Mulan remix.

    4. This familiar look.

    5. This alternative church tradition.

    6. This accurate depiction of what it's like leading a prayer.

    7. This Star Wars meme.

    8. This pretty fucked-up reasoning.

    9. This reliable excuse.

    10. This Bible verse.

    11. This dancing Jesus.

    12. This unique interpretation.

    13. This proof of Jesus's power.

    14. This picture of the pope.

    15. This attempt to ward off the devil.

    16. This display of priorities.

    17. This everyday miracle.

    18. This random thought.

    19. This fashion contest.

    20. This nun pun.

    21. This final word from Jesus.

    22. This awkward exchange.

    23. This respectful reminder.

    24. And this perfectly acceptable answer.