19 Posts That Will Make You Laugh Then Cry In Your Singledom

    "Don't be sad if you're single because it just means you're the best in the album."

    1. This sorry reality:

    2. This dead giveaway:

    3. This solid piece of advice:

    4. This person who has definitely been you at one point:

    5. This interesting improvisation:

    6. This difficult decision:

    7. This representation of you and everyone else in a relationship:

    8. This home truth:

    9. This harmless demand:

    10. This shady reaction:

    11. This same story every Thanksgiving when you're single:

    12. This totally legit relationship:

    13. This incredibly relatable pizza ad:

    14. This very rude question:

    15. The accurate depiction of you, alone:

    16. The most important aisle you'll ever walk down:

    17. This message of reassurance:

    18. This declaration of independence:

    19. And this answer to every relationship question: