22 Of The Best "How To Get Away With Murder" Jokes

    "How to Get Away With Murder is literally hoe don't do it: the series." Warning: spoilers.

    1. This pretty accurate description of the show as a whole.

    2. And every plan Annalise has ever had.

    3. This experience we've all had at least once.

    Shondaland is our home now.

    4. And this moment many of us can relate to.

    5. This proof of the incredibly confusing relationship Annalise has with her "kids".

    6. And the fact everyone seems to hate her except Bonnie.

    7. This attachment to Wes' character.

    8. And this attachment to Laurel's.

    9. But most importantly, this affirmation of Oliver's sweet innocence.

    10. This perfect portrayal of every fan trying to figure out what the fuck is going on each episode.

    Every time I think I've unlocked the #HTGAWM plot...

    11. And this simplified version of the show.

    12. This reminder that everyone and their mum seemed to be in on Sam's death.

    13. And this very legitimate question.

    14. This suggestion for what the series should have been called.

    15. And if not that, then definitely this.

    16. This weird sexual tension that's been pervading the show for way too long now.

    17. And this moment of sheer terror when the tension gets too much.

    that scene had me so terrified at one point I thought annalise might hand me the gun through the tv and ask me to shoot her. #htgawm

    18. This rundown of the shit show that was Annalise's shooting.

    19. And this wholly justified reaction.

    20. This proof that Nate is just as sexy as we thought he was.

    21. This awkward explanation.

    22. And this incredibly fitting comparison.