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Just A Reminder That Jaden Smith's Logic Is Out Of This World

"How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real?" – Jaden, please, I have no idea what you're talking about.

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1. On the ubiquity of the treadmill:

2. On dying:

3. On dental hygiene:

4. On nature:

5. On mirrors:

6. On turning 15:

7. On being 13:

8. On education:

9. On spotting Owen Wilson:

10. On disagreements:

11. On "The Dress":

12. On peeing:

13. On getting a license:

14. On Instagram:

15. On life's biggest mystery:

16. On owning shoes:

17. On newborn babies:

18. On books:

19. On Great Gatsby:

20. On the fall of a cupcake:

21. On being Willow Smith:

22. On the significance of hands:

23. On the happiness of trees:

24. On "getting it":

25. On the meaning of life:

26. On smelling...OK:

27. On sleep:

28. On his very own tweets:

29. On the difference between water and alcohol:

30. To the non-believers: