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    22 Times "Arthur" Taught Us Everything We Need To Know About Life

    You're only as good as your best side-eye.

    1. Money makes the world go round, so be sure to embrace your entrepreneurial spirit.

    2. Because finding a job that you love and pays well can be a tad difficult.

    3. So don't feel bad about charging for your labour when you have to.

    4. Life is all about lessons.

    5. If you want something, take it.

    6. And never let silly little boundaries get in the way.

    7. Some of the best nights will probably be the ones you don't remember.

    8. And some of the harshest truths will come from those closest to you.

    9. Your first kiss will be equal parts cute and an absolute cringe.

    10. And like most people, you'll probably go through an awkward phase.

    11. So learn to love yourself unconditionally.

    12. And know when to tell a bully where to stick it.

    13. There are few things more important in this life than eating.

    14. Very few things.

    15. And be honest and direct when you have to.

    16. One day, you'll be greeted by unsolicited opinions. Treat them with grace and poise.

    17. And always fight for what is right.

    18. You're not always going to have your shit together.

    19. In fact, most of the time you'll be thinking of new ways to avoid your responsibilities.

    20. But remember to always have your priorities in check.

    21. And if Arthur teaches you nothing else, it's that a good side-eye is almost always necessary.

    22. And you'll probably need to use it more often than you think.