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24 Times Coriander Was The Fucking Worst

Because coriander cake and cilantro tea is just way too fucking far.

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1. When it somehow drained all the happiness out of a perfectly good cake.

I hate coriander so imagine my feelings of revulsion when I saw this

2. When it ruined a perfectly good hair conditioner.

Just because it tastes like soap doesn't mean it needs to go in your hair, for fuck's sake.

3. When it selfishly infiltrated these bottles of vodka and took all the fun out of alcohol.

I'm going to start calling you cilantro, because you ruin everything. #IDontEvenLikeVodka

4. When it ruined a perfectly good cup of tea.

Time to try this weird broccoli cilantro tea. If you don't hear from me again, this is why



6. When it ruined an entire morning by pissing on someone's porridge.

Put coriander seeds into my porridge this morning instead of cinnamon 😑 I hate coriander!!slow morning!! #breakfast

7. When someone decided adding "cheeky coriander" to some innocent tikka sauce was a good idea.

Just found this on my curry sauce. What the fuck makes coriander cheeky? 👌

8. When it unnecessarily showed up in someone's butter.

9. When it rudely invited itself to the martini party.

“@queensarmse17: Day 3 of @CultivateWF fest & we have a coriander martini. ” I hate coriander, cld this change that?

10. When it made a ridiculous surprise appearance in someone's hand wash.

11. When its mere existence was enough to dampen someone's day.

12. When it snuck into some perfectly good pesto.

13. And wrecked a perfectly good meal.

15. When it somehow made itself a vital ingredient in beer.

Man I usually hate coriander, but gosh darn this beer is good. #coriander #noshowerweekend #goPackgo

16. When it had the nerve to find its way on to some poor, undeserving pancakes.

Oat raspberry and coriander pancakes. Because I am weird like that. @ London, United Kingdom


17. When it ruined a perfectly good friendship.

Don't mess with me about coriander, #downwithcoriander #coriandersucks

18. When it made it really fucking difficult to enjoy Mexican food.

19. And attempted to destroy every dining experience.

If you hate cilantro you would understand......

20. When it spoiled a perfectly delicious menu.

"We cannot guarantee that your food has not come in contact w cilantro" I. Hate. Cilantro! #nasty #valdez


21. When it wasn't content with fucking up people's food, so snuck itself into a game of Words With Friends instead.

So some weird thing is going on. After my cilantro inquiry earlier, this is what came up on Words

22. When it ruined the sanctity of ice cream.

There is an ice cream flavor called, "Seville Orange Coriander Whiskey"

23. When even Bob's Burgers had clearly had enough of this devil herb.

"Say it ain't Cilantro Burger. (Doesn't come with cilantro...Because cilantro is terrible.)" Yep.

24. And when you thought it couldn't get any worse...