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21 Hilarious Tweets That Are Way Too Real For Black Girls

*stares in black girl confusion*

1. When "getting comfortable with your partner" means seeing you in your headscarf.

2. When you ignore all the rules of hair products because you know your hair better than anyone else.

Black people when they're told to use a "dime size" amount of hair products

3. When makeup brands seem to forget you exist.

*stares in black girl confusion*

4. And your makeup seems to be a mystery to most people.

5. Including the makeup artist.

6. When it feels like your hairdresser has been braiding the same section of your hair for several hours.

when you swear you only have 2 braids left then the lady divides it into 6:

7. Which is why it usually takes an entire day.

'What you doing today' 'My braids' 'Well what u doing after?' Fam, that's my whole day uno

8. When you've become the master of frequent reinvention.

Some days I'm Penné Some days I'm Penny

9. And know how to adapt to every situation.

Me at interview vs when I get the job

10. When your bonnet betrays you.

when I wake up & my bonnet not on😭

11. And you're in no mood for any comments on your hair.

Them: I like your hair straight Me: YOU GON LIKE WHATEVER COMES OUT THIS BONNET.

12. When you catch yourself falling into Eurocentrism.

When you're contouring and highlighting and realize that you're trying to get more eurocentric features

13. And the intersectionality struggle gets way too real.

White Women: Rally for feminism, forget my racism! Black Men: Rally against racism, forget my sexism! Black Women:

14. When you join the natural hair movement and have to buy a whole new set of products.

15. When things aren't as "all-inclusive" as they claim they are.

16. When you have a hair malfunction and your friends have your back.

17. When it's time to get your hair done for school.


18. When your mum did your hair and it was anything but pleasant.

#GrowingUpBlack when you had to sit on the floor in between ya moms legs while she yanked tf outta your hair 😊😊😊😊

19. And for some reason your entire face got a brushing too.

#GrowingUpBlack when your mom brushed your hair she also brushed your ears, forehead, & neck with this 😭😭

20. When people assume the fetishising of your skin is a compliment.

"hey i’ve never kissed a mocha chocolatte brown sugar caramel kahlua toffee frappuccino hershey’s syrup girl bef—"

And not just weird AF.

21. And when certain remarks are red flags to abort the mission completely.

White guy: I usually never date a black girl " Me: