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18 Things You'll Understand If You're The Only One Who Finds You Funny

Cue you, laughing at your own jokes, until the end of time.

1. You pride yourself on being naturally funny.

2. And it doesn't matter what other people think because deep down you know you're hilarious.

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3. Like really, really funny.

4. And your favourite thing to do is to make yourself laugh.

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5. You're known for making a comment about how amusing you are after most things you say.

6. You use your humour to play a lot of really bad practical jokes on people for the simple fact you love a giggle.

7. The people you relate to most are those who also know how to laugh at their own jokes.

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8. This is your favourite kind of text to get.

9. At one point, you've definitely considered becoming a comedian as a public service.


10. Because if you can make yourself laugh this much, it must mean you're the most comical person alive.

11. When someone laughs at something you say, you sit there with quiet pride.

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12. And when you say something hysterical and someone doesn't laugh, you get very aggravated.

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13. One of the quickest ways to offend you is to claim you're not funny.

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14. It makes absolutely no sense to you how someone could actually claim you were anything but a hoot.

15. So you assume that person must just have a shit sense of humour.

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16. Because no one can tell you you're not funny.

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17. You're fucking hilarious.

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