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18 Insanely Cute Gifts You Should Buy "Your Person" Immediately

Calling all Grey's Anatomy fans: show your BFF just how much you care with these products.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A necklace that proves how close your BFF is to your heart.

Necklace, £27.95. / Via

Necklace, £27.95.

2. A card that depicts a friendship as beautiful as yours.

Card, £3.07. / Via

Card, £3.07.

3. And a mug that does the same.

Mug, £10.23. / Via

Mug, £10.23.

4. A wine glass that'll no doubt come in handy.

Wine glass, £7.16. / Via

Wine glass, £7.16.

5. A candle that burns bright for the love you and your BFF have for one another.

Candle, £15.68. / Via

Candle, £15.68.

6. Pencils inscribed with the show's greatest quotes.

Pencils, £10.19. / Via

Pencils, £10.19.

7. The perfect bridesmaid gift for your nearest and dearest.

Zipper pouch, £24.54. / Via

Zipper pouch, £24.54.

8. A notebook in which your BFF can draft a strongly worded letter to Shonda asking why she kills every character you grow to love.

Notebook, £3.67. / Via

Notebook, £3.67.

9. A bracelet with a secret message inside.

Bracelet, £10.23. / Via

Bracelet, £10.23.

10. A card that only fellow Grey's Anatomy fans will understand.

Card, £3.07. / Via

Card, £3.07.

11. A handmade wall hanging to show you care.

Embroidered wall hanging, £21.81. / Via

Embroidered wall hanging, £21.81.

12. A pillow for your BFF to rest their weary head upon.

Pillow, £20.45. / Via

Pillow, £20.45.

13. A testament to your friendship, as told by Cristina Yang.

Necklace, £20.45. / Via

Necklace, £20.45.

14. A lunch bag with the solution to any problem.

Lunch bag, £11.29.

Lunch bag, £11.29.

15. A cute reminder to hang on their bedroom wall.

Print, £15.00. / Via

Print, £15.00.

16. And if one reminder isn't enough, perhaps even a second one.

Print, £4.04. / Via

Print, £4.04.

17. A pinky promise necklace.

Necklace, £12.82. / Via

Necklace, £12.82.

18. And a best friend bracelet in homage of your favourite TV show.

Charm bracelet, £15.00. / Via

Charm bracelet, £15.00.