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22 Reasons Why Eggs Should Be Banished From This Earth

Don't try and tell me it's not a chicken's period.

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6. Here's an accurate depiction of what egg mayo does to our children.

My dearest nephew Bert, trying an egg mayo sandwich for the first (and last) time. #WholeLottaEgg

#BanEggMayo #BanItNow #ThinkOfTheChildren


9. This is not a "life hack", it's a fucking nightmare.

10. Every so often eggs crack and reveal their true colours of absolute grossness.

I swear this is why I hate eating eggs

11. Fear them! For eggs hath no shame.

"@brxddd: DROPPED AN EGG ON THE FLOOR & THERES A BABY CHICK INSIDE IT WTF IS THIS " this is why I hate eggs @LozBana


14. Eggs encourage horrific meal choices.

Fish and eggs? Really?

15. They encourage terrible jokes.


18. The worst day of the year is officially the 3rd of June because somehow eggs have managed to ruin THAT too.

I was born on national egg day, but I hate eggs. This is great tbh.

19. There's only one correct way to eat eggs.

20. But instead, people are actively making the world worse by moulding eggs into schlongs.

I shall always remember this as the day I ruined eggs for an entire country. I'm the second coming of Edwina Currie.

22. You will not be missed.