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    For Everyone Who's Sick And Tired Of Washing Their Goddamn Hair

    A tale of solidarity for dirty-haired beasts everywhere.

    We can all agree that there’s nothing like a good bit of hygiene to make you feel like you’ve got your shit together.

    Cleanliness, smelling good – it’s all wonderful. But the worst part about our regular maintenance routine? Washing your goddamn hair.

    Washing your hair isn’t as simple as merely stepping in the shower, getting it wet, and leaving it to dry. It takes considerable thought, most of which revolves around trying to avoid the process in the first place.

    If you're not being forced to wash your hair several times a week...

    (Because there are only so many times dry shampoo can bail you out of your laziness.)'re being forced to set aside an entire day just to tackle your hair.

    And it's always when your hair is wet and you're at your weakest that it decides to turn on you.

    When people as why I hate washing my hair, it's brushing it afterwards that kills me 😵🔫

    Shout-out to anyone who's considered going bald after spending hours brushing their hair out.

    If you're an avid hater of washing your hair, you've probably despised it since you were a child.

    Not even hairdressers enjoy washing your hair, so why the hell would you?

    And you have terrible memories of dying your hair and washing it out for the first time.

    Washing your hair is so goddamn time-consuming that you'll avoid anything that causes you to redo it faster than necessary.

    And you have specific hairstyles for when you're delaying the inevitable just that little bit longer.

    Hats are brilliant = hides that I cba washing my hair look! Haha! 😈👯👌

    Despite the fact you're cleaning your hair, it makes way more of a mess than the process implies.

    Because if you're not picking hair off the sides of your shower wall...

    One of the few reasons I hate washing my hair 😒're picking it out of the shower drain.

    You've experienced the frustration of trying to wash your hair with a broken nail and constantly getting strands stuck on it.

    I hate it when this happens to my nail b/c washing my hair becomes a pain when it gets stuck on the strands

    And there are few things worse than washing your hair when it's cold.

    Except maybe the feeling of imminent doom when you slip on some shampoo and almost fall to your death.

    So this is for everyone who’s ever had to pluck a rogue hair from a random crevice of their body…

    ...accidentally tasted conditioner and had to rinse their mouth out four times afterward... shampoo in their eye and considered how they’d spend the rest of their years...

    When u get shampoo in ur eye and wonder what the name of ur guide dog will be

    ...and given up halfway through blow-drying.

    I stand with you. Washing your hair sucks.