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    31 Deeply Satisfying Pictures For Anyone Slightly Obsessed With Stationery

    Take a deep breath and enjoy.

    1. This glorious array of blue.

    2. The way "autoimmunity" is written on this page.

    3. These sticky notes.

    Stephen Mitchell / Flickr: stephenliveshere / Creative Commons

    4. This stack of colour.

    5. This completely finished pen.

    6. This paper selection.

    Simon Pearson / Flickr: minor9th / Creative Commons

    7. And this multicoloured miracle.

    8. This pen made from a recycled water bottle, which has the shadow to match.

    9. This perfect blob of ink.

    10. These pencil shavings.

    11. And this work of art.

    12. This pen and shirt combo.

    13. The way these pencils are stacked.

    14. And the way this pencil broke just right.

    15. The alignment of these clips.

    Robert Parviainen / Flickr: rtv / Creative Commons

    16. This satisfying letterpress print.

    Missive Press / Flickr: missivepress / Creative Commons

    17. This close-up of pens.

    Denis Giles / Flickr: denisgiles / Creative Commons

    18. These fountain pens.

    Chris Gladis / Flickr: mshades / Creative Commons

    19. These pillars of a school.

    20. This rainbow notebook.

    Nifty Notebook / Flickr: 33237593@N06 / Creative Commons

    21. This stationery staple.

    Dave Campbell / Flickr: limowreck666 / Creative Commons

    22. These pens that double in nib size each time.

    vinyleraser / Flickr: 72514604@N04 / Creative Commons

    23. This fancy stationery set.

    24. The perfect point of this sharpened pencil.

    25. This space to keep your pen.

    26. These pencils made from old newspapers.

    27. These colour-coordinated mugs and books.

    28. This room that's been painted to look like a pencil.

    29. And these light fixtures that look like pencil points.

    30. This monochrome collection.

    31. And finally, this ultra satisfying display of pencils.

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