13 Charts Every Black Girl Can Relate To

    The relationship isn't completely serious until you've seen me in my headscarf, tbh.

    1. Your hair is something that takes time. A lot of time.

    2. You know the struggle of having thick hair and destroying numerous pieces of hair equipment.

    3. And adjusting to a full head of braids is a lot harder than it looks.

    4. Your relationship with your headscarf is something you won't compromise on.

    5. Because your headscarf is the only one you can truly count on.

    6. And those who understand that are the only people who matter.

    7. You've watched enough YouTube tutorials to know that a "simple style" doesn't necessarily mean simple for you.

    8. But YouTube has taught you about the beauty of one particular product.

    9. You've had this debate with yourself several times.

    10. You've experienced the beauty of ever-changing hair length.

    11. And if your hair is natural, there are plenty of reasons why.

    12. While your regular trip to the hairdresser's can be trying at times, you know the end result is always worth it.

    13. Because you take great pride in your hair, which means there are very, very few people you allow to touch it.