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For Everyone Whose Wigs Were Snatched After Beyoncé’s New Video

Were you ready for the slay? Was anybody?

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The song came complete with a music video which Bey released on YouTube, and nobody...I repeat...NOBODY was ready for how *fire* this video was about to be.

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The video was praised for being unapologetically black, with various people pointing out the abundance of black women, references to the "Black Lives Matter" movement, and a final moment in which a New Orleans police car is submerged by flood waters.


As more and more people began to watch the video, it became clear that few people could cope with the level of slay. Numerous people felt as though their wigs had been snatched by the Queen herself.

beyonce had the "stop shooting us" in her video AND sank the police car in the water

People were falling over themselves to get in formation and join Beyoncé on the path to enlightenment.

Beyoncé: Okay ladies now lets get in formation Me:


When Beyoncé tells you to get in formation


Basically, if the video has still left you reeling, hot and flustered, and clutching your chest for air – you are not alone.

when people ask "what do you love about Beyoncé?" me: