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21 Beyoncé Tattoos You'll Fall Crazy In Love With

"You wake up...FLAWLESS."

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1. This incredible portrait from the "Why Don't You Love Me?" video.

2. This sassy tribute to Queen Bey.

3. And this detailed depiction of the Beyhive.

4. 🎵 I'm a grown woman, I can do whatever I want. 🎵

5. This simple silhouette of Beyoncé performing.

6. 🎵 Who wants that perfect love story anyway, anyway? Cliché, cliché, cliché, cliché. 🎵

This tattoo is everything to me. From On The Run with Jay Z ft. Beyoncè #myqueen

7. This cute reference to the catchiest words of 2014.

8. And this reminder of your endless flawlessness.

My #Flawless tattoo. #BeyInspired #Beyonce #IWokeUpLikeThis

9. This stunning portrait of Beyoncé looking like an absolute goddess.

10. 🎵 I just can't stand to see you leaving, but heaven couldn't wait for you. 🎵

11. This tattoo of the sheet music from "I Was Here".

MY TATTOO! It's sheet music to "I Was Here" by Beyoncé, the lyrics to these notes are "everyone will know I was here"

12. This copy of Bey's autograph.

13. This almost lifelike portrait of the queen herself.

15. This beautifully embellished "B" initial.

16. 🎵 Perfection is a disease of a nation. Pretty hurts, pretty hurts. 🎵

17. This recreation of Bey's "Four" tattoo.

18. 🎵 Yoncé all on his mouth like liquor 🎵

19. 🎵 Everywhere I'm looking now, I'm surrounded by your embrace. Baby, I can see your halo. 🎵

20. 🎵 Your face is all that I see, I'll give you everything. Baby, love me lights out 🎵

21. And this humble homage to the Queen with a simple initial and crown.

@Beyonce My Tattoo and his Homage my Queen I love you very much