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19 Accessories For Anyone Who Loves Sleep More Than People

I'd much rather be sleeping right now.

1. When your pillow understands you better than most people. / Via

Pillowcase, £10.

2. When you only deal in cushions and blankets. / Via

T-shirt, £9.89.

3. When you're the baddest beast in the bed. / Via

Sleep mask, £7.88.

4. When you're looking for the perfect romantic gesture. / Via

Card, £2.38.

5. When you need your phone to tell people exactly how you feel. / Via

Phone case, £5.28+.

6. And if not your phone, then maybe your laptop. / Via

Sticker decal, £2.63.

7. When no amount of coffee can fill the space where sleep should be. / Via

Mug, £10.89.

8. When you have to spell it out to people who just don't get it. / Via

Cushions, £36.29.

9. When your love of jewellery and sleep join in sweet harmony. / Via

Earrings, £9.57.

10. When it's finally time to declare your love for "the one". / Via

Poster, £4.93.

11. When you need your wall to mimic your favourite action. / Via

Wall decal, £32.60.

12. When staying in bed is the only thing that matters. / Via

Wood sign, £10.01.

13. When even your pencils feel your pain. / Via

Pencils, £5.30.

14. When you want to wear your title with pride. / Via

Pinback button, £1.49.

15. When there's much better things you could be doing with your time than partying. / Via

Print, £3.68.

16. When you only want true chemistry nerds to understand how much you truly appreciate a good sleep. / Via

Keyring, £9.95.

17. When dreaming is your favourite activity. / Via

Necklace, £13.27+.

18. When you want to show off how hardcore you really are. / Via

Print, £3.96.

19. And when you've finally found the perfect relationship. / Via

T-shirt, £11.92+.