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17 Grandmas Who Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

Ever seen a grandma slide into your DMs?

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1. The grandma with a great new way to say goodbye.

2. The grandma who just loves her some Jesus.

3. The grandma that's sliding into your DMs.

4. The grandma who has no time for your stupid questions.

5. The grandma who loves her some good alcohol.

6. This grandma who can't handle being scared.

7. Neither can this one.

8. The grandma who loves a good bit of Lil' Jon.

9. The grandma who insists you keep eating.

10. The grandma who doesn't need to be judged for her fashion choices.

11. The grandma with a MASSIVE secret.

12. This grandma who is somehow incredible at doing impressions of babies.

13. The grandma who couldn't be happier that her food went down so well at Thanksgiving.

14. The grandma without a nickel.

15. This grandma whose strong point is definitely not table tennis.

I'm sure she's absolutely fine.

16. These dancing grandmas.

17. And the hilarious grandmas again.