Will.I.Am Solves Unemployment Crisis In 3 Easy Steps

Will.I.Am, noted economist and auteur behind “My Humps,” took to the stage at the Democratic National Convention and fixed the economy.

Charlotte, NC — At a Huffington Post panel discussion Wednesday, top economic thinkers, such as National Economic Council director Gene Sperling, and political figures, including rising Democratic star Julian Castro, the mayor of San Antonio, came together to brainstorm how America might bounce back from its economic slump.

Black Eyed Peas frontman Will.I.Am offered this enthusiastic recipe for job creation.

2. Step 1: “America, as far as job creation, why can’t we make things here?”

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

3. Step 2: “We need to understand where we need to go, buckle down and be hard-core with it.”

Kevin Winter / Getty Images for VH1

4. Step 3: “No stoppin’ ‘til it’s poppin’.”

Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

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