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Nyan Cat Turns One Year Old, Throws Boozy Birthday Party

And fortunately BuzzFeed was invited. The Pop Tarted internet sensation debuted a year ago, and 21st Street Games — publishers of Nyan Cat Adventure — threw a brightly colored soiree. The guest of honor was Nyan Cat creator Chris Torres, whose iconic animation was originally Youtubed on April 5th, 2011.

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On the way out of the party, Ryan and I chug God-knows-what out of test tubes. It did not give us super powers. While we did not become super heroes, we did become super obnoxious.

27. A Video Scrapbook Of Nyan Cat's Birthday Party, Complete With Super-Duper Fan Ashley Baccam Interviewing Chris "Nyan Father" Torres

28. And Here's The Offical Party Video

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