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    77 Stunning Photos Of Australian Places And Faces

    Go on an A to Z journey of an Australia ready to go to the polls, through the eyes of ABC reporters, photographers, and citizen journalists.



    Rowers train on Ballarat's iconic Lake Wendouree.


    John Donegan / Via

    King Georges Road, in the electorate of Banks.


    John Donegan / Via

    An Australian flag flies from a window in Mortdale, in the electorate of Banks.


    Tim Walker / Via

    The rich red volcanic soils of Tasmania's north-east, seen here at Piper's River Road, in the electorate of Bass.


    Terri-Anne Kingsley / Via

    Cafes, clothing stores and art on the wall in Chancery Lane, in the electorate of Bendigo.


    John Donegan / Via

    Post-war developments honoured battles of World War II, in the electorate of Bennelong.


    John Donegan / Via

    Babies bum: Korean shops in Bennelong.


    Jessica Hinchliffe / Via

    One of the stock hands at the Kilcoy Show, in the electorate of Blair, watches over the main ring.


    Brett Williamson / Via

    Residents enjoy a sunset stroll near Brighton Jetty, in the electorate of Boothby.


    Wendy Hawkes / Via

    A game of pool draws into the night at a pub in Lithgow, in the NSW seat of Calare.


    Robert Virtue / Via

    Cattle roam in an orchard in the Towac Valley near Orange, in the NSW seat of Calare.


    Stacey Leigh Cash / Via

    A competitor at the Clermont rodeo. Rodeo and campdrafting events are a common sight in the electorate of Capricornia which takes in a large area of prime agricultural land.


    Geraldine Parkes / Via

    Mistake Creek young farmer Tex mends a fence on his family's property, in the electorate of Capricornia.


    Lisa Clarke / Via

    Carmilla sugar cane farmer Russell Thompson inspects his crop. Sugar is one of the major industries for northern parts of the Capricornia electorate.


    Jim Trail / Via

    A man rests on a sculpture outside the National Gallery of Australia, in the electorate of Canberra.


    Steve Cook / Via

    People move to the Cowper electorate's coastal strip to make the most of the beaches and lifestyle.


    Jan Morrison / Via

    The Coffs Harbour community, in the electorate of Cowper, is becoming more culturally diverse.


    Justin Huntsdale / Via

    A group of men beat the heat at Wollongong's City Beach, in the electorate of Cunningham.


    Justin Huntsdale / Via

    Life drawing art classes in Wollongong's Studio 19 gallery, in the electorate of Cunningham, have contributed to the the vibrant artistic landscape of the region.


    Justin Huntsdale / Via

    The ocean pool at North Wollongong, in the electorate of Cunningham, is a popular spot for brave swimmers in winter and families come summer time.


    Carol Raabus / Via

    Hobart's connection to Antarctica is very visible in winter with the Australian ship Aurora Australis and the French icebreaker L'Astrolabe docking in Hobart, in the seat of Denison, while it's too frozen to travel to Antarctica.


    Matt Fallon / Via

    Patrick Mung takes his family back to Texas Downs Station where he lived and worked as a stockman. At over a million and a half square kilometres, the electorate of Durack is bigger than most of Australia's states with the exception of Queensland and the state of Western Australia itself.


    Chris Lewis / Via

    An old store house, in the electorate of Durack.


    Catherine Greenslade / Via

    Most residents live in the southern end of Fadden at places like Paradise Point.


    Suzi Taylor / Via

    Shoes sit outside a home in the electorate of Farrer.


    Kathy Holmes / Via

    The picturesque Menindee Lakes, in the electorate of Farrer.


    SK / Via

    The Nannup Flower and Garden Festival, in the electorate of Forrest.


    SK / Via

    Mountain bike racing is one of the fast growing sports in the electorate of Forrest.


    boombi / Via

    Kettering's marina is a very busy port on the D'Entrecasteaux Channel, in Franklin - Australia's southern-most electorate.


    Carol Raabus / Via

    The lookout at the isthmus on Bruny Island, in the seat of Franklin, is a great spot to see little penguins at dusk, or just to take in the view in the daylight.


    rachisaac / Via

    Southern Tasmania is a perfect spot to see the Aurora Australis. Tinderbox, in the electorate of Franklin, is a favourite spot for aurora chasers looking for clear skies without city light pollution.


    Jim Trail / Via

    The annual Multicultural Festival held in Civic, in the electorate of Fraser, highlights the broad diversity of the Canberra community.


    Emma Wynne / Via

    Statue of former member for Fremantle and Prime Minister, John Curtin, in front of the Town Hall. Existing since Federation, Fremantle has been a Labor seat for most of its history.


    Justin Huntsdale / Via

    Foxground tea grower Kirsten McHugh amongst her camellia sinensis tea crop near Gerringong, in the electorate of Gilmore.


    Justin Huntsdale / Via

    Nowra businessman Rolf has amassed a huge collection of old technology items, which have been displayed in the Nowra Museum, in the seat of Gilmore.


    Anthony L'Huillier / Via

    Long sleep plain: the big seat of Grey covers an area of 904,881 square km, or 91.8% of South Australia.


    timo29570 / Via

    Numerous wind farms and wind farm proposals have popped up across the seat of Grey.


    Rae Allen / Via

    The Brisbane cricket ground (aka 'The Gabba' - in the electorate of Griffith) is the home of the Brisbane Lions AFL team as well as Queensland cricket teams for all forms of the game.


    Rae Allen / Via

    Education is a major part of the Griffith electorate with a number of large private secondary schools, and the cities largest public school, Brisbane State High School with almost 2400 students.


    Emma Wynne / Via

    Painting it blue - Liberal member Ken Wyatt holds Hasluck with a margin of just 0.6 per cent.


    Nathalie Fernbach / Via

    The Orsini family enjoy a twilight stroll on South Townsville's off-leash beach, in the electorate of Herbert.


    Brett Williamson / Via

    The Adelaide Airport is in the centre of the Hindmarsh electorate.


    Denise Cauchi / Via

    One of the trademarks of the Hinkler electorate is 'black snow': the ash from cane fires.


    Nathalie Fernbach / Via

    A beautiful drying day in Ingham, in the seat of Kennedy.


    Brett Williamson / Via

    The fence boundary protecting the Moana Beach Reserve, in the seat of Kingston.


    Emma Sykes / Via

    Cherry pickers are lined up in the industrial suburb of Pinkenba, in the federal seat of Lilley.


    John Donegan / Via

    Queen Street, St Marys, in the marginal seat of Lindsay.


    Brendan King / Via

    Market gardeners Justin and Wemor in Mamre in the federal seat of Lindsay.


    Dave Nixon / Via

    Outback Australia trying to catch up? A foot race gets underway at Tennant Creek, in the electorate of Lingiari.


    Emma Sleath / Via

    A home-made flag is displayed proudly on a caravan at a roadhouse past Tennant Creek, in the seat of Lingiari.


    Caddie Brain / Via

    Anti-intervention graffiti on a sign south of Alice Springs, in the electorate of Lingiari.


    Janel Shorthouse / Via

    Seaside towns provide a haven for retirees, including Jimmy from Woorim, in the electorate of Longman.


    Brett Dolsen / Via

    Cricket is on a work injury pension. He lives in a caravan with his dog. Housing affordability is an issue for many in Lyne.


    Brett Williamson / Via

    Sellicks Hill looking towards Aldinga, in the seat of Mayo.


    Damien Larkins / Via

    Dawn breaks over North Burleigh, in the electorate of McPherson.


    Damien Larkins / Via

    The Gold Coast Meter Maids are an iconic part of Surfers Paradise in the heart of Moncrieff.



    Boof enjoys a walk along Shortland Esplanade, in Newcastle. His owner came along too.


    Tim Leha / Via

    A Kamilaroi Corroboree in the electorate of New England.


    Jennifer Ingall / Via

    Entertaining the festival crowd, in the seat of New England.


    Suzannah Lyons / Via

    A man prepares for midday prayers at the Katanning mosque, in the seat of O'Connor.


    Rebecca Brewin / Via

    The Nimbus pit near Kalgoorlie, in the electorate of O'Connor.


    Suzannah Lyons / Via

    Margaret of Albany's Granny Grommets hits the surf at Middleton Beach, in the seat of O'Connor.


    Margaret Burin / Via

    A woman makes her way into the Casino town centre, in the electorate of Page.


    Ana Tovey / Via

    A woman takes her sheep and dogs for a walk in Dubbo, NSW, in the electorate of Parkes.



    Indian Root Pills: The view from the road into Morpeth, in the seat of Paterson.


    Emma Wynne / Via

    Dream India meets Fish and Chips in Perth.


    Brett Williamson / Via

    An abandoned warehouse provides a picturesque view for the new housing development at Newport Quays, in the electorate of Port Adelaide.


    Margaret Burin / Via

    Camilla Zavatarro, a tattooist from Lennox Head, in the Richmond electorate.


    John Donegan / Via

    Flying at the Umina skatepark in the federal electorate of Robertson.


    John Donegan / Via

    Inflation: Fowl manure for sale in the federal electorate of Robertson.


    John Donegan / Via

    Catching the early morning wave in the federal electorate of Robertson.



    Redhead Beach with lifeguard tower, in the seat of Shortland.


    Xavier La Canna / Via

    Stunning sunsets over Mindil Beach, in the electorate of Solomon, draw crowds.


    John Donegan / Via

    Dawn at Manly Beach, in the electorate of Warringah.


    John Donegan / Via

    The famous neon of Kings Cross, in the seat of Wentworth.


    Rosalie D / Via

    A Fraser Island dingo looks into what could be the best lunch of his life. Fraser Island, in the electorate of Wide Bay, is home to a unique dingo population, with the separation from the mainland helping to maintain the purity of the bloodline.


    Shuttersuze75 / Via

    A salute to the sun on the world heritage listed Fraser Island, in the seat of Wide Bay.