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    • garyd3

      Here is what Buzz left out of his National Geographic article: “The paleontologist and her colleagues removed mineral fragments from the interior of the femur by soaking it in a weak acid. The fossil dissolved, exposing a flexible, stretchy material and transparent vessels.
      The vessels resemble blood vessels, cells, and the protein matrix that bodies generate when bones are being formed.” Buzz is using the quote “soft tissue” in a misleading way.  Here is what Biblical commentators say about Job 40:15-20. “The next ten verses are devoted to a portrayal of Behemoth (the name means “beast” in Hebrew). It does not fit any of the present material very well, and so many think the section is a later addition. Its style is more like that of a textbook. Moreover, if the animal is a real animal (the usual suggestion is the hippopotamus), then the location of such an animal is Egypt and not Palestine. Some have identified these creatures Behemoth and Leviathan as mythological creatures (Gunkel, Pope). Others point out that these creatures could have been dinosaurs (P. J. Maarten, NIDOTTE, 2:780; H. M. Morris, The Remarkable Record of Job, 115-22). Most would say they are real animals, but probably mythologized by the pagans. So the pagan reader would receive an additional impact from this point about God’s sovereignty over all nature.”  It is amazing the contortions fundamentalists get to when trying to defend the theory that a man-made document is somehow absolutely true and all evidence against must be ignored.

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