27 Reasons Morgan From "The Mindy Project" Is The Best

Who else can tattoo “No More Stealing Cars” on their stomach and get away with it?

1. He dressed up as a toilet

2. He’s great at reminding himself of things

At least he’ll never forget to not steal a car

3. He gave us these amazing words of wisdom


7. He snuggled with a Chris Evans body pillow

8. He loves Tina Fey

9. He understands the needs of third-world countries

10. He knows how to help a bro

11. He knows how to stand up for himself

12. He’s an animal lover


14. He understands Disney logic

15. He would be a very protective boyfriend

16. He loves to work out

17. He’s great at scaring people on Halloween

18. He knows how to make a good first impression

19. He always has a good excuse to leave early

20. He keeps his priorities straight

21. He knows Latin

22. He’s great at coming up with nicknames

23. If you listen, he’s very knowledgable

24. He’s very particular about his ice cream

25. He’s very romantic

26. He’s very classy

27. And finally, he knows exactly how to handle any situation ever

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