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15 Undeniable Truths All Natural Brunettes Know To Be True

Brunettes do it better.

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1. The stubble on your legs is a thousand times more visible when you haven't shaved.


2. And we certainly cannot forget about the hair on your upper lip.

3. There's no way to escape your hair shedding on your white shirt.


4. And dyeing your hair lighter means having to touch up your roots CONSTANTLY.

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Unless you want an accidental ombré.

5. Whenever you're out with friends, people always assume you're the "smart one."

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6. Or they think you're the least fun.

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Seems legit.

7. Certain hairstyles tend to look like crap on you.

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8. You were given a limited choice of Disney princesses to dress up as when you were a kid.

Because who wants to be Belle all the time?

Because who wants to be Belle all the time?

9. And Rapunzel's hair literally turned brown and died, making you a LOT less confident in your brunette locks.

Thanks a lot, Disney.

Thanks a lot, Disney.

10. You need to have really good technique for spraying dry shampoo.


11. Getting asked if you've ever thought about going blonde is a fact of life.

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12. Because you know if you ever want to dye your hair, you have to bleach it first.

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13. Which takes so much time and money — and doesn't always turn out well.

14. There are so many celebs who've gone brunette at least once in their career — and it's sort of flattering, tbh.

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15. And at the end of the day, there are even more amazing brunette role models.


Because even though being a brunette isn't always the most rewarding, you wouldn't want to be anything else.

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