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    6 Things All Harry Potter Fans Did When They Were 11

    Let's be real, when us Potterheads were 11 years old, we were entranced in this magical world. Yup. All our friends thought we were crazy, but our love of the Potterverse was real.

    Waited for that Hogwarts letter to finally arrive / Via

    Not only did we fall in love with the wizarding world from the words we read on paper, we wanted this magical place to be real so bad that we made up excuses for our Hogwarts letters coming too late. "Oh maybe the owl lost it in the post."

    Took thousands of online quizzes to figure out what our Hogwarts House was / Via

    Ya, this was a big one. A house meant an identity. It was something to give us an idea of who we were. And at such a ripe young age, our house was an indication of our personality and our success.

    Daydreamed about what it would be like to live in the Wizarding World / Via

    Whether our favorite place was the Burrow, Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, or Hogwarts itself, we took every opportunity to bring our fandom to life.

    Read all 7 least twice / Via

    These books were our Bible. They were filled with the joyous wonder and magic that was the wizarding world, and up to the brim with valuable lessons that our young minds would remember forever.

    Dragged our parents out to take us to the next Harry Potter movie premiere / Via

    It was something else when our books went from words on a page to moving pictures on a screen! Our imaginations were brought to life, and we were ecstatic.

    Fell deeply in love with the characters / Via

    JK Rowling did some magical stuff (no pun intended) when she designed the plot for these life-changing books. Whether your favorite character was innocent and awkward Ron, strong and intelligent Hermione, brave and daring Harry, or misunderstood and selfless Severus Snape, these characters became part of who you were (and are), and you felt like you knew them like family.

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