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11 Truths About Love You Should Never Forget

"Our 'first love' is a relationship we never forget and can act as a template for the future."

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1. True love will always choose you...

Which is something photographer Chona Kasinger witnessed firsthand in 2012 when Washington state's same-sex couples were finally granted legislation to legally elope. Since then, Washington state has granted marriage licenses to thousands of same-sex couples, with many states following suit. This June, the U.S. Supreme Court will determine whether all state bans on same-sex marriage violate the Constitution's guarantee of equal protection under the 14th Amendment.

2. True love is intimate and beautiful...

Photographer Maud Chalard uses her camera to capture those beautiful and intimate moments shared between lovers in the throes of passion. In a recent interview with Demotivateur, she expressed the sentiment she captures in her photos:

I try to capture the power of the feeling of love and hope to share with the generation that thinks that love is lost.

3. True love is eternal, in sickness and in health...

Nancy Borowick's powerful photo series Cancer Family shows the love and perseverance of her mother and father, both diagnosed with cancer, to which they eventually succumbed. Her photos are at times joyous, sentimental, and genuinely heartfelt, a reminder that however short life is, it's love and family that makes our stay worthwhile.

4. True love catches like wildfire when you're young...

Laura Pannack is an award-winning photographer whose series Young Love captures portraits of young couples living in England. And whether we live in England or not, these photos perfectly capture the vulnerability, inexperience, passion, and awkwardness of being young and in love.

Laura writes:

I think we often have a quite pessimistic notion of young relationships and forget that sometimes the simplicity of love can form very strong relationships. Our 'first love' is a relationship we never forget and can act as a template for future behavior and expectations in the future.

5. A father's love is a special kind of love...

Zun Lee's photo series Father Figure offers a striking and intimate portrait of what black fatherhood in America looks like today. Despite working full-time or being separated from the mother of their children, these dads are entirely there for their kids to raise them with an incredible amount of love and admiration.

Zun writes,

My project offers an intimate view into the lives of black men I've worked with since 2011 and who are parenting in various circumstances - as married fathers, single fathers, social fathers, young and older, middle class and poorer. It shows these men not as deadbeats but as empowered agents in their own lives, as capable parents, and above all as loving, wholesome human beings.

6. True love is about sharing one last walk in the park...

In 2009, photographer Sarah Beth had a photo shoot with a woman living in hospice care named Joan and her loving service dog, Joy. What happened during the shoot was something completely magical. Her photos captured perfectly that special love that only a dog and its loving owner are capable of sharing. It was then that Sarah had the idea to begin offering "Joy Sessions," photo shoots specifically for dogs nearing the end of their lives. It can be incredibly difficult to lose a pet close to your heart, which is why Sarah's photos offer one last opportunity to preserve that special K-9 love.

Sarah writes,

As a loving tribute to an amazing woman, her dog, Joy, and for everything that 'joy' means for you, I'm so, so happy to offer this service.

7. A mother's love knows no shackles...

Clara Vannucci's powerful photo series Rikers Island Battered Women Section shows the pain and hardship that incarcerated women face after committing crimes related to the physical and sexual abuse they've experienced. Many of these inmates are mothers who are unable to see their children except on holidays and during visiting hours. Despite their hardships, Clara captured on film the love that these women keep for the children they left behind.

8. Love is about coming together to help furry companions in need...

Vincent is a cat who was sadly mauled by a dog in 2014. After the dog and his owner fled the scene, nobody but the storefront owner was left to care for this poor kitty. Vincent the cat suffered from a severe broken leg, a dislocated and fractured sternum, pulmonary contusions, multiple bite wounds, and a corneal ulcer. It was then that shop owner Anna Banana shared Vincent's story with the internet. A GoFundMe account was started to help cover medical expenses, and miraculously, over $10,000 has since been raised!

Today Vincent is a happy and cuddly kitty.

9. True love will always find a way...

Long before marriage permits could be issued for same-sex marriages, couples underwent marriage ceremonies, sometimes in complete secrecy, to affirm their commitment and love for one another.

These images capture a joyous wedding ceremony in Philadelphia, circa 1957. Despite the overwhelming joy seen in the images, the happy couple never received their wedding album back from the local photo shop, as these images were deemed too inappropriate by the shop owner to ever be returned to the customer.

10. Love is strongest after time spent apart...

Military families are a true testament to the power of love. After months away on deployment, children, wives, and husbands are finally reunited in an affectionate display of love and emotion.

11. And true love never cares who's watching...

Tommy Ga-Ken Wan's photos capture those precious and intimate moments shared between unexpecting lovers. Taken over the course of several years and in several countries, none of Tommy's photographs have been staged. His subjects are completely unaware and unposed, caught perfectly in a moment of pure affection and love.

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