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This Is What Gun Violence In America Really Looks Like

"The impact of gun violence stays with a survivor long after the initial healing is done."

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Photographer Joe Quint's powerful photo series "It Takes Us" puts a face to the over 32,000 gun-related deaths that take place in America every year.

I realized that, in order to consider myself the kind of engaged person I like to think I am, I needed to take action. I could no longer simply pay lip service to the importance of reducing the senseless and preventable deaths that take place every year. I couldn't wait for someone else to step up.I hope that, through my work, viewers will see the story of their own family in the stories of others — and that they will see that this is a crisis that can and does affect us all.


Joe Quint

"In suburban Las Vegas, Darchel often goes into her daughter Brooklynn's room when she wants to feel connected. Brooklynn, who was taught gun safety from a young age, was killed by an unsecured gun at the home of a friend."


Joe Quint

"A sound came out of me that I don't ever want to hear again." —Eric, reflecting on identifying the body of his daughter who was killed in a mass shooting at Northern Illinois University.

"Akeal Christopher was shot and killed on his 15th birthday while on the way home from a party in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. Despite bars, stores, and bodegas that were all open at the time of the shooting, no one has stepped forward to identify the shooter."


Joe Quint

"Alex, Tom's son, was killed in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting. Not wishing to give the killer the notoriety he seeks, Tom simply refers to him as 'it'."



Joe Quint

"The impact of gun violence stays with a survivor long after the initial healing is done. Antonius feels he was at his lowest point — mentally, physically, and emotionally — about seven months after his shooting... when he transitioned out of being a victim and back into society."

"Luis was 14 when he was shot and paralyzed. By his own admission, he made some bad choices when he was a kid. But those choices were born from a place of need — created by an absent father, a drug-addicted mother, and siblings who required food, shelter, clothing, and the occasional extras that other kids seemed to have. Today, Luis relies on a longtime friend and round-the-clock home healthcare aides for just about everything."


Joe Quint

"While Dre hasn't yet regained his ability to talk, walk, or feed himself more than six or seven forkfuls, he's doing a lot better since, as his mother says, 'they put his skull back on.'"


Joe Quint

"The shooter who burst into Judi's daughter Darien's bedroom and started firing is still at large. The Portland, Maine Police Department consider her murder a cold case."


"Atiff — along with his nephew Troy — was shot during a robbery. Troy was hit once and killed almost immediately. Atiff was shot 15 times and lived, although he remains paralyzed from the neck down. His wife, Carissa, will need to care for him for the rest of his life."


Joe Quint

"On New Year's Eve, about 15 years ago, 'celebratory gunfire' left a bullet in Joe's head. He's had over 60 surgeries since and is confined to a wheelchair... with migraines and double vision."


Joe Quint

"Just recently, I was sitting outside crying in the evening and Peter noticed. He came up to me and gave me a big hug, sat down next to me and started telling me that, 'Mom, please don’t cry. He is OK. He is… Nicholas is OK. He’s an angel now. He can fly. He is, he’s OK, you know.'”

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