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26 Intense Photos Of The Gas Attack On A Furry Convention

Photographer Nikki Loehr provides a first-hand look into the gas attack that occurred at the 15th Annual Midwest Furfest.

What was intended to be a friendly gathering of furries at the 15th Annual Midwest Furfest in Rosemont, Illinois, quickly took a terrifying turn for the worst.

Photographer Nikki Loehr provides a first-hand perspective on the bizarre chain of events.

After midnight on Sunday, December 7th, the convention was abruptly stopped when a container of "chlorine-containing chemicals" was intentionally released upon its attendees.

The convention was held at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare with thousands of furries in attendance, people who prefer socializing while dressed in full animal garb.

19 people were sent to regional hospitals after the building was evacuated into the frigid weather outside.

It was determined by the Rosemont Police Department that the gas attack was a criminal action and would be investigated as such.

Although the attack put an end to the convention that night, the furries did have an opportunity to dance it out before this occurred.

And one thing that furries are apparently good at is throwing a rave.

Nikki Loehr is a graphic designer that specializes in publication design, illustration, and photography. To view more of her work, check out her portfolio at http://nikkiloehr.tumblr.com/.

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