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25 Incredible Pictures Of Christmas Past

A journey into Christmas past, presented by Getty Images.

1. These festive 42-inch hairdos decorated with tinsel and ornaments in 1962.

Bettmann / Getty Images

2. Nat King Cole sharing a tender holiday moment with his daughter Natalie in 1955.

Echoes / Redferns / Getty Images

3. The chaotic bustle of holiday shopping at London's Woolworths store in 1955.

Charles Hewitt / Getty Images

4. And the aftermath of the shopping rush at NYC's Macy's department store in 1948.

Nina Leen / Getty Images

5. This candid snapshot of the Kennedys on Christmas morning, 1962.

John F. Kennedy Library / Getty Images

6. A young Queen Elizabeth giving her first-ever Christmas broadcast to the nation in 1952.

Fox Photos / Getty Images

7. The dreamy atmosphere of Christmas on Hollywood Boulevard in 1950.

Harvey Meston / Getty Images

8. This kimono-clad family decorating their Christmas tree in Yokohama, Japan, circa 1950.

Evans / Getty Images

9. The iconic sight of The Rockettes performing a dance number in 1967.

Nbc / Getty Images

10. This group of holiday munchkins from the Homeless Children's Aid and Adoption Society in London, trying their best to lend a helping hand in 1938.

Gerry Cranham / Getty Images

11. This jolly pair caught unexpectedly under the mistletoe in 1937.

Richards / Getty Images

12. And this soldier stealing one last kiss under the mistletoe before shipping off in 1939.

Gerry Cranham / Getty Images

13. And these Londoners keeping the Christmas spirit alive during WWII in 1940.

Bettmann Archive / Getty Images

14. This humble Christmas tree standing outside of an NYC Hooverville camp during the Great Depression.

Historical / Getty Images

15. The glamorous Jayne Mansfield placing the angel topper on her Christmas tree in 1960.

Silver Screen Collection / Getty Images

16. The eccentric Salvador Dali offering his surreal season's greetings in 1961.

Bettmann / Bettmann Archive

17. This "living" Christmas tree comprising what has to be the most incredible troupe of carolers in history, 1971.

Ralph Crane / Getty Images

18. Legendary baseball player Jackie Robinson spreading a bit of holiday cheer in 1950.

Afro Newspaper / Getty Images

19. Drummer Keith Moon of The Who channeling his inner Scrooge in 1970.

Michael Putland / Getty Images

20. The Beach Boys celebrating a California Christmas in 1963.

Michael Ochs Archives

21. John Lennon and Yoko Ono's holiday card to NYC in 1971.

Three Lions / Getty Images

22. A pair of American GIs in Vietnam enjoying some holiday comforts in 1967.

Afp / AFP / Getty Images

23. A young 21-year-old Bob Dylan offering a special Christmas performance for Londoners in 1962.

Brian Shuel / Redferns

24. Jim Henson's 1986 holiday card, guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Abc Television / Getty Images

25. And this Santa who's ditched his reindeer for a more modern ride, circa 1920.

Hirz / Getty Images

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