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12 Hilarious Holiday Stock Photos That Make No Sense At All

Santa has been very naughty this year...

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1. Jailhouse Santa smoking a questionable cigar:

Idal / Getty Images

2. This woman who clearly isn't getting what she wants for Christmas:

Patronestaff / Getty Images

3. This guy who didn't live to see the next holiday:

Mattia Pelizzari / Getty Images

4. This incredibly confused holiday cow:

Mikhail Dudarev / Getty Images

5. Something very weird is about to go down with this Christmas cracker:

Wavebreakmedia Ltd / Getty Images

6. This pirate holiday on LSD:

Alkir / Getty Images

7. A rastafarian Santa who's clearly unamused:

Fogstock / Getty Images

8. Santa's creepy nephew who prefers to deliver gifts shirtless:

Maxriesgo / Getty Images

9. This woman who let her holiday shopping go to her head:

Marcogarrincha / Getty Images

10. This kid who's ready to kick some reindeer ass:

Bravissimos / Getty Images

11. This woman who is totally you after visiting the family for the holidays:

Purestock / Getty Images

12. And this bad Santa who spent all his holiday cash on booze and pizza:

Poor guy can't break the habit.
Cameron Whitman / Getty Images

Poor guy can't break the habit.

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