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    31 Things From Wayfair That’ll Help Solve Your Small(ish) Sleep Problems

    Fluffy pillows, weighted eye masks, light-blocking curtains, and everything else you need to turn your sleepless nights into sweet dreams.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A temperature-regulating gel memory foam pillow that will keep you cool and keep you from waking up with a stiff neck.

    The pillow, half in the case and half out of the case, with its perforated foam visible

    Promising review: "I highly recommend this pillow. I used to wake up sweating at night, but no more. I love this pillow." —Sherry

    Price: $42.99+ (originally $49.99+, available in three sizes)

    2. Or a set of two big, fluffy pillows, so you can snooze the night away in cloud-like comfort.

    The pillows, which are fluffy, with standard pillow dimensions

    Promising review: "I really love these pillows. Perfect standard-size pillow, great shape, and very soft yet firm!" —William

    Price: $27.99+ (available in four sizes)

    3. A weighted shoulder wrap and eye mask for when it's too hot for a full weighted blanket — the set is like two calming mini-gravity blankets.

    The shoulder wrap, which is a U-shaped and is placed behind the neck, with an arm of the wrap coming down on either shoulder and meeting in the middle

    Promising review: "Love it! Works great! Helps relieve tension and stress during this unsettling time." —Michell

    Price: $36.99 (originally $43.99, available in two colors)

    4. A thick, puffy down alternative mattress pad, because its soft support will show your lumpy, too-hard mattress who's boss (you — you're the comfy, comfy boss).

    The mattress pad, which is white and quilted, and wraps around the edges of the mattress like a fitted sheet

    Promising review: "I needed a mattress pad because my mattress was beginning to cause back pain. This has really helped and I am sleeping much better. Very comfortable, and it fits just like a fitted sheet so it stays in place." —Cheryl

    Price: $55.99+ (originally $73.99+, available in eight sizes)

    5. A set of floor-sweeping blackout curtains that block sunlight, help keep rooms cooler, and dampen noise — basically, they do everything short of making your coffee.

    The floor-length curtains in light blue, in two panels, with grommets for hanging

    Promising review: "These curtains are great to block the light and keep the room temperature controlled! Best product in the price range! I would buy these again for myself or as a gift to friends and family anytime!" —Sashi

    Price: $23.82+ (originally $35.99+, available in eight sizes and 26 colors)

    6. A compact white noise machine with six settings and a timer, so you can fall asleep to the sound of babbling brooks or crickets (instead of your neighbors watching old Parks & Rec episodes).

    The noise machine, which is compact and rectangular, with setting buttons on top

    Promising review: "This little unit packs a big punch for the price! The sound quality is exceptional and the different sound settings are all wonderfully relaxing! We moved from a rural setting to a city apartment and this is just what we needed to drown out noisy neighbors — but is still soothing enough help us sleep! This would also be ideal for a baby nursery, and is small enough you could pack it easily for travel! Can't recommend this noise-maker enough!!!!" —Casey

    Price: $32.99

    7. A soft, weighted fleece blanket with a removable cover, because gentle pressure all over your body is a one-way ticket to Sleep City (I hear it's beautiful there this time of year).

    A woman wrapped in the white blanket, which is fleece with rope-style embellishments around the edge

    Promising review: "I really love this heavyweight blanket...oh-so-soft, and I slept like a baby." —Catherine

    Price: $66.05+ (originally $139.99, available in seven colors, two sizes, and four weights)

    8. An LED nightlight with motion sensors that'll light the way during your midnight bathroom break, but will leave the room dark when you're trying to actually sleep.

    The nightlight in blue, illuminated in the dark and casting a bright light
    Corinne / Wayfair

    Promising review: "Very pleased that it has a light sensor, so it’s not on all day, and there’s no need to turn it off and on." —Melissa

    Price: $7.97 (originally $9.16, available in 10 colors)

    9. A light-blocking tent pod for folks who have been avoiding the great outdoors because sunlight wakes them up instantly.

    The tent pod, which is on six small legs, and is then rectangular at the base of the tent, with a rounded, dome-like top and zip-open areas on the sides

    Promising review: "Material is breathable, not stuffy. Blocks out daylight very well." —Judith

    Price: $97.99 (originally $119.99)

    10. A slim, machine-washable microfiber comforter so you can get all the warmth of a traditional comforter without all the bulk.

    The comforter, which is white, quilted in a square pattern, and slim, rather than fluffy

    Promising review: "I have had this down comforter for a couple of months now and it is very warm and soft. It is not too heavy but also not too light, so you can keep it around all year as I do. Perfect for putting under a duvet cover or by itself. It is nice and durable, and goes through the washer easily and does not tear. Love that it is hypoallergenic as well, because it will be suitable for anyone. Would recommend and re-purchase." —Lydia

    Price: $33+ (originally $42.99+, available in five sizes)

    11. Or a fluffy goose down comforter for anyone who can only get a good night's sleep when they're burrowed inside a big ol' cocoon of cozy softness.

    The comforter, which is white with a light striped pattern woven into the fabric

    Promising review: "It has just the right amount of weight, it looks good and it feels great. Neither too hot nor too cold. It reminds me of a luxury hotel comforter! Go for it, you won’t be sorry!!" —Marty

    Price: $122.99+ (originally $299.99+, available in three sizes)

    12. A plush, machine-washable heated blanket with 20 temperature settings and an auto-shut off feature, because a drafty house or spotty heating can turn your sweet dreams into an extremely chilly nightmare.

    The blanket in deep red, with two controllers attached by wire

    Promising review: "Obsessed with this heated blanket. I have trouble sleeping, and when I use this, I fall right to sleep! Perfect for winter nights!" —Charlotte

    Price: $77.54+ (originally $89.99, available in 10 colors and four sizes)

    13. A quiet, hypoallergenic mattress protector that keeps dust and allergens from becoming trapped inside your mattress, so you won't be kept awake by a runny nose and watery eyes (or however else your allergies choose to torture you).

    The protector, which is designed to roll completely over the edges of thick mattresses

    Promising review: "Fits great and it doesn't sound like you're sleeping on a plastic bag!" —Steve

    Price: $29.99+ (originally $39.99, available in four sizes)

    14. And a set of eight soft, quiet pillow protector cases so you can keep all those nasty allergens away from your sleeping face, too.

    The pillow protector case, which is white, and which zips around the pillow on one side

    Promising review: "So soft. I washed them before I used them, which made them even softer." —Roseanne

    Price: $26.99+ (originally $30.99, available in three sizes)

    15. A hypoallergenic body pillow for when you need extra support around your hips or shoulders in bed (or if you just like to sleep on an enormous pillow).

    The body pillow, which is shaped like a standard pillow, but stretches the width of an entire bed

    Promising review: "This pillow is so substantial and comfortable! Makes a great addition to my daybed. Works well as a lounge pillow for my dog, too. Would definitely buy again, and is especially great for the price." —Gavin

    Price: $21.99

    16. A industrial-chic metal nightstand with built-in USB ports, because what's less soothing than fighting your partner for the one outlet in your bedroom?

    The nightstand in red, with two storage areas — an open storage area at the top of the nightstand, and a cabinet-style storage area in the bottom half, which has a perforated metal door

    Promising review: "Perfect nightstand for my 12-year-old son's room. The 'locker' style fits with his design and plenty of storage. The USB port is a bonus! Very solid/sturdy." —Regina

    Price: $155.99 (originally $249.99, available in four colors)

    17. A set of breathable cotton sheets that will help minimize the dreaded Night Sweats and keep you cool all night long.

    The sheets, which have a slight stripe pattern to them, and come with matching pillow cases

    Promising review: "Love the color (dark blue). The feel on your skin keeps you just cool enough. The silky feel is a plus!" —Jennifer

    Price: $37.19+ (available in six sizes and 17 colors)

    18. A small, round knee pillow so you can feel the relief of sleeping with proper knee/back support, without using a pillow so big that it feels like there's someone else in bed with you.

    The knee pillow, which is cylindrical but has a indent in the middle, where your knees go

    Promising review: "Just the right size. Tried other pillows but they bothered my husband because they were too big and hit his back. This one was the right size. Would recommend." —Doreen

    Price: $16.99

    19. A combination ceiling light/fan with a remote control for those who regularly tell themselves they'll get out of bed and turn the light off in just one minute (cut to: 5 a.m., when you groggily wake up to find that you absolutely did not turn the light off).

    The fan in dark wood color, with a domed lightbulb at its center

    Promising review: "Fan looks great, works perfectly. I installed with the light wood side of the blades visible, which I think looks good for a little contrast. It's a very sleek, streamlined design that could go with many styles. The remote is convenient. The fan is quiet. Easy to install." —Susan

    Price: $113.99+ (available in three styles)

    20. An adjustable bed frame with built-in massagers and a wireless remote, because being able to elevate your head or knees without piling pillows — or get a massage without putting on pants — is the true definition of luxury.

    The bed frame, which has a brace at the bottom to prevent the mattress from sliding, in a position so that both the head and legs are elevated

    Promising review: "If I had to choose one word to describe this bed, it would be AMAZING! It has every possible feature and so many presets, modes, and options, and three levels of massage. Not only has it helped my husband and me get better sleep, but my aging dog has gotten his own relief from the massage feature. He actually RAN for the first time in six months after his adjustable bed massage therapy." —Joy

    Price: $465.99+ (originally $1700, available in four sizes)

    21. A wedge pillow that can support your head if you're prone to acid reflux, or just help you feel a little more comfortable when you're lounging around.

    The pillow, which has a broad, flat base, and then comes to a point, giving it a triangular, wedge shape on the sides, while still being shaped like a full, traditional pillow in front

    Promising review: "This pillow has helped me with my acid reflux and sleep apnea. I am getting better sleep." —Lee Ann

    Price: $37.99

    22. An upholstered headboard so you can make your bedroom look sophisticated, get back support as you read or watch TV, *and* keep yourself from accidentally bonking your noggin as you move around in bed, all in one fell swoop.


    Promising review: "This is a great headboard for a great price. Very easy to assemble, very sturdy, and well-made. This added a touch of polish to my guest room." —Leah

    Price: $93.55 (originally $139, available in nine colors and four sizes)

    23. A reversible, sherpa-lined fleece throw blanket, for folks who can only sleep well when they are under a literal pile of blankets. *raises hand*

    The blanket, hung up to show some of the fleece on its reverse side

    Promising review: "Love this! Very soft and cozy. Has also held up well after being washed." —Michael

    Price: $37.99+ (available in two patterns)

    24. An aromatherapy diffuser with an automatic shutoff function, because nothing ruins a soothing pre-sleep aromatherapy session like thinking about how you're going to have to remember to turn your diffuser off when you're done.

    The diffuser in brown, emitting a small puff of steam and fitting easily on a bedside table

    Promising review: "I've had this diffuser for about a week now, and use it every night. It's pretty quiet (a little water noise, not much) and puts out a good amount of scent. I like the look of it, and have had no problems with it thus far. I would recommend this product." —Elizabeth

    Price: $39.99 (originally $49.99, available in three colors)

    25. A sturdy, antique-style metal Novogratz platform bed that doesn't require an additional box spring — just pop your mattress on top and start dreaming some truly stylish dreams.

    The bed frame, which has a headboard and footboard, each made from slatted colored metal

    Promising review: "I looked around a lot for a metal bed for my master bedroom remodel, and this one is perfect! Very beautiful at a fantastic price!! Very sturdy, too, and the rustic look goes very well with my overall design. Easy assembly! Took less than an hour with two people. No box spring needed!" —Carrie

    Price: $174.59+ (originally $269+, available in three sizes and five colors)

    26. Or a low wooden bed frame, for folks who sleep best just slightly off the ground.

    The bed frame, which is made of dark wood and which is slightly raised off the ground

    Promising review: "It was so simple to put together and is extremely sturdy. It fits my queen mattress perfectly and holds up to two adults (estimated total weight 450 pounds) with no creeping or sagging. The coolest part is that the support bars have Velcro that keeps your mattress in place. The distressed wood is beautiful and nearly matches my antique wood dresser." —Courtney

    Price: $171.99+ (originally $240+, available in four sizes)

    27. A back and neck support pillow with a built-in pockets, so you can finally experience the joy of reading or watching TV in bed without leaning on a weird, wonky pile of pillows.

    The pillow, which has a back support area, two arms that jut out from the bottom, and a cylindrical neck pillow

    Promising review: "Overall, love this pillow! The fabric is so soft and plush, and the support is fantastic. I like some of the 'features' of the pillow, like the side and back pockets, but my favorite is the extra neck pillow and how it attaches. It allows for you to be able to customize where the neck pillow hangs! So clever!" —Katherine

    Price: $103.99 (available in 14 colors)

    28. A rechargeable LED lamp with a dimmer switch and wireless device charging capability, because the future is now — right here, directly next to your bed, where it can help you read yourself to sleep.


    Promising review: "Really cool light! I love the fact that you don’t have to plug it in!" —Karen

    Price: $79.99 (available in two colors)

    29. A supportive C-shaped body pillow for pregnant people, or any side-sleeper who appreciates a little extra love for their back and neck.

    The pillow, which is C-shaped, with the ends going up through the knees and under the head area, respectively

    Promising review: "Very supportive and comfortable, feels like I am being cradled when I sleep." —Jennifer

    Price: $30.99+ (available in two sizes)

    30. A Casper foam mattress that's firm enough to keep you from sinking uncomfortably as you sleep, but soft enough for you to really snuggle into it.

    The mattress, which is thick and made of coated foam

    Promising review: "I did not know what sleep I was missing out on! Great mattress that is not too firm or too squishy. Does not sleep hot, as some foam mattresses are known to." —Katina

    Price: $595+ (available in six sizes)

    31. A duvet cover and pillow sham set in a cool galaxy print, because finding cute covers is its own sleep dilemma, okay?

    The duvet cover and pillow cases, which have a purple-toned galaxy print on them

    Promising review: "Perfect for my daughter’s galaxy theme room. Vibrant colors and durable material." —Brenda

    Price: $119.99+ (available in three sizes)

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