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    28 Affordable Things From Wayfair That’ll Make Your Place Look Trendier While Staying On Budget

    Everyone loves a good makeover montage—even your house.

    1. A sophisticated Eiffel-style side chair that instantly makes any room look 500% more up-to-date.

    Reviewer's picture of the chair, which has wooden splayed legs linked with black wire, in gray

    2. A modern metal canopy platform bed that can be dressed up with curtains, or left as-is for an industrial chic kinda vibe.

    The bed, which has a rectangular metal canopy frame, which can hold up curtains or a fabric canopy, or be left bare

    3. A set of three small hanging planters with adjustable ropes, so you can decide exactly how they should hang, how low your dill should dangle, etc.

    The planter, which has a straight metal rod with three adjustable strings dangling from it, which can be moved

    4. A round metal one-drawer tripod nightstand for folks looking for a totally unique (and, let's admit it, Instagrammable) piece of decor.

    The nightstand, which has a round base with one drawer, on three skinny tripod legs

    5. A Kelly Clarkson Home tufted velvet wingback office chair, so every day in your home office feels like an office party. Does it matter that you're the only guest? No way! More punch for you!

    The chair, which has a wingback shape with a raised back and sloping arms, on a gold-toned swivel base

    6. A Moroccan-inspired rug with a distressed look that goes with basically everything. It's like the white button-down shirt of rugs, really.

    A Moroccan-inspired rug with a faux distressed look, in off-white and blue

    7. An armless mid-century convertible futon because you're an adult now, and that means that you *should* have a solid futon for when guests have to stay over. It's your duty.

    reviewer photo of the couch in the upright positioning

    8. A velvet scalloped chair so you can always feel retro-glamorous, even if you are just sitting in it to do your taxes.

    The chair, which has a scalloped seat and back, in light pink

    9. A minimalist Novogratz writing desk with deep open storage cubbies for all of your stuff, because you deserve to feel sleek and stylish, even if you can't KonMari to save your life.

    The desk, which has a white marble print and gold hairpin legs, and two open cubbies under the main desktop surface

    10. A solid wooden coffee table with open storage — it's perfect for mid-century design fiends who need a little bit more room to stow all their very design-y belongings.

    The table, which has a solid wooden top, and a slatted second level for open storage

    11. A round accent mirror that will both make your room look totally up-to-date and make it look bigger. Honestly, it puts all of your other lazy, lazy furniture to shame.

    The mirror, which is round with rose gold frame, and has a chain extending from the top of the frame to be visible when it is hung

    12. A bright two-drawer end table that can also be used as a nightstand, so you can create some easy visual drama in your room.

    The table, which has two drawers and a platform for open storage

    13. A wooden tripod floor lamp with a drum shade and a floor switch that will light up your life (and also your room).

    The tripod lamp, with a natural wood base and white drum shade

    14. A round velvet ottoman with a gold base, so you can be positive that you are relaxing in the most luxurious way possible.

    the purple ottoman

    15. A textured, tasseled cotton throw pillow that will make all your boho decor dreams come true (especially when you fall asleep on it).

    The pillow, which has bunched tassels around the edge, in white

    16. A solid wood tripod coffee table — because you like your coffee with sugar, cream, and mid-century styling.

    The table, which has a slightly triangular top with rounded edges, and three slightly splayed legs

    17. A chevron lumbar pillow that can add a little pop of color wherever you toss it.

    The pillow, which is rectangular, with a chevron pattern in blue and white and a larger "V" pattern in white

    18. A light-and-noise-reducing thermal curtain in a chevron print, because you deserve to have curtains that upgrade your room and help block out your early-morning-lawn-mowing neighbors.

    The curtains in gray

    19. A reclaimed wood coffee table that combines midcentury modern design touches (like hairpin legs and open storage cubbies) with a rustic, distressed finish.

    The table, which has two open storage cubbies and four black metal hairpin legs

    20. A geometric openwork lamp with a drum shade, for the perfect trendy-but-not-overwhelming-about-it room accent.

    The lamp, which has an openwork body, with three pieces of metal pipe that meet together at the base and the top of the lamp, below the bulb

    21. A vintage-styled solid wood arm chair that *looks* like an heirloom, but is comfy enough for you to know that it was manufactured in this century.

    reviewer photo of the chair

    22. A petite cafe table with splayed legs, because even the tiniest kitchens deserve to be stylish. The table is compact but still seats two to four adults.

    The table, which has a round white top, and splayed wooden legs

    23. A pouf made from woven jute, so your feet (or coffee cup or butt) can all enjoy the boho, eco-friendly styling.

    The poufs, which are round with flat tops, and made of woven jute

    24. A Novogratz indoor/ outdoor metal rocking chair with a matte finish, because your patio deserves a little design love (even if you only really go out there to chase away raccoons).

    The chair in yellow

    25. A glass-topped coffee table with unique overlapping V-shaped legs, for a look that's neutral and stands out at the same time.

    The coffee table, which has a rounded, glass-covered top, and metal pin legs in an overlapping "V" shape

    26. A raised rectangular ottoman that's so pretty and functional, it feels wrong to not get it? Your decor game is about to get SO good.

    The ottoman in green

    27. A lacquered-look tray with metal handles and a high-gloss finish for decorating your living room, organizing makeup, or just feeling impossibly glam while eating a plate of cheese in front of the TV.

    The tray in pink, with two gold tone handles, and four raised sides

    28. An acrylic area rug with an abstract design that really ties the whole room together.

    The rug, which has a blue and white wave/ inkstain-type print

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