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If Spring Has You Itching To Give Your Home A Makeover, Here Are 39 Tips To Start With

Move over, HGTV — we've got it from here.

1. Add magnetic garage handles and faux windows because those carriage-style doors can be pretty darn pricey! Luckily, these'll give your home's appearance the same charming touch for just a fraction of the price.

2. Easily install curtains with NoNo Brackets, aka curtain rod brackets that fit onto your existing blinds. This means you no longer have to struggle with all the drilling of holes and whatnot, which is *especially* a relief if you live in a rental.

3. Brighten an icky floor with a grout pen, which is just what you need for all those pesky nooks and crannies that refuse to ever look clean. This lets you skip all the scrubbing to restore your floors to their bright, clean appearance in a pinch.

4. Use a velvet slipcover to give your poor old couch a quick and easy makeover. It even comes with straps so that it stays put (no matter how much your kids or pets mess with it)!

Reviewer before/after of their couch with the pink velvet slip added. The after pic shows couches that look brand new and completely different.

5. And consider a stretchy armchair slipcover that'll help your beloved chair's attractiveness match its level of comfiness.

6. Or perhaps you could use some washable dining chair slipcovers, which reviewers rave about being super easy to use and work on various-sized chairs. Alas, you can transform that dining set from Facebook Marketplace to fit your home's exact style.

7. Ditch the boring blinds and get some privacy without the cord by applying this popular roll of window film to give you a daily dose of rainbows. These make your space a little less mundane and project a whimsical kaleidoscope of colors into your room, which your roomies will probably be jealous of.

8. Refinish tired metal furniture with some metallic spray paint that'll have your bistro set looking brand-spankin' new. Trust me, this little weekend project will be your next great decision.

9. Use a bottle of leather conditioner you can use to bring some life back to your leather treasures, whether it's your couch or a beloved pair of boots! Plus, this is something you can easily do while you hit "play" on your latest binge-watch.

10. Keep dirt and chilly gusts of wind *out* with a door draft stopper, because that tiny space under the door can feel *much* bigger when cold air keeps sneaking in. 🥶 This is an effective — and subtle! — way of keeping the warm in and the cold out.

11. Hide those little scratches on your fave furniture with a set of wood repair markers that'll conceal those imperfections that are small yet somehow still manage to stare you right in the face. Hey, better than breaking the bank for entirely new furniture.

12. Or dress up that water stain that won't quit with a charming burlap table runner, which really kills two birds with one stone because no one will suspect anything except that you're an amazing host who is always ready for guests.

wood dining table with burlap stripe runner on it

13. Tuck stray cords outta the way with cable clip organizers — perfect for when your phone charger cord insists on trying to trip you every time you walk from your desk to the bathroom (or to go get another lil' snack). This'll keep your cords organized.

close up of mountable cable clips

14. Tidy up your dresser with a CovoBox, which has a hollow inside so that you can cover up things like cable boxes and cords that are rudely messing with your room's ~aesthetic~. Shhh... no one will ever know.

before and after showing how what looks like a bunch of gold and tan books actually hides a wifi box and Alexa device

15. Swap in some fresh wall art with a limited-edition "tiny print" from Tiny Showcase, which is a marketplace that offers you tons of unique, colorful (and affordable!) art to help you liven up your wall space.

16. Erase the most unforgiving stains with this powerful stain remover, which reverses the consequences of spills, wine, and even Sharpie marker (🤯)! As you can see, it even works on suede furniture.

17. Mask an unsightly power strip in a sleek (but ventilated!) box if you actively avoid looking at that jumble of wires and cables in the corner of your living room. This elegant box keeps the mess hidden while also keeping your kids/dogs away from messing with them!

before pic of a messy cable strip then after of the box containing the same power strip but looking much neater

18. Attach a roll of faux ivy to wire fencing, railings, or a trellis to add a touch of botanical lushness to your yard. This is especially useful for those of us who want our yard to say, "I have a green thumb,"...when you, in fact, don't.

19. Keep your floors in tip-top shape by adding furniture protectors so that you can put off refinishing your floors without making it look like you're putting it off. Plus, this way, you can avoid some nails-on-chalkboard scrapes. One point for successful adulting!

showing how you can't see the furniture protectors on a chair leg

20. Make your kitchen sink's corner work for its dinner with a corner sponge organizer, which fits a surprising amount of dishwashing necessities in such a tiny space. This beats having all your brushes and sponges crowd up your cleaning zone (and taking up precious counter space).

kitchen sink with triangle shaped sponge and soap holder on the corner of a sink

21. Invest in a lil' over-the-door cabinet organizer, so your curling iron can no longer play a game of hide-and-seek with you on those days when you're actually trying to look presentable. This'll have you locating it in a snap!

22. Stop the mess in your laundry room with a laundry-detergent drip catcher because, with detergent prices nowadays, every little drop counts! Plus, anything that lets us stay home a while longer instead of taking a trip to the store to buy more is what we call a win.

laundry detergent containers with the drip catcher on them

23. Graduate from your mismatched collection to a set of silicone-coated kitchen utensils with a simple look that is chic *and* makes it easy for them to pair with almost any kitchen style.

24. Revamp your undergarments storage with a sock and underwear organizer so that you can pick out your socks of the day in a snap. (And so that you can easily zero in on the pair-less ones!)

Reviewer's before-and-after of a messy drawer, and the same drawer neatly organized in these bins

25. Put down a luxe-looking runner in a hall or in front of your closets so that you can give a mundane space a ~posh touch~. BRB, gonna go pretend I'm living in the Bridgertons' home.

faded looking traditional runner

26. Toss a punchy throw blanket on your worn-out couch or chair so that guests can focus on it with some fun color and pretty pom-pom trim instead of on your furniture, which mayyy be time to replace.

yellow blanket with pom pom trim on it thrown over a beige couch

27. Or if you want to give more ~luxe vibes~, take a similar approach with a faux-sheepskin rug that you can throw on a chair to give it a lil' extra comfort. You can also place it at the foot of your bed so that your feet have something cushy and glamorous to land on in the morning.

white faux sheepskin rug on a wicker armchair

28. Create some useful air space above your go-to outlet with an outlet shelf, which is *just* large enough for your electric toothbrush and helps you free up more counter space in even the smallest of bathrooms.

29. Pour your thrifty booze into a gorgeous luxe decanter and set of six glasses to park on the top tier of your bar cart so that you can live like a Salvatore brother.

decanter and glasses

30. Mask the unsightly mess underneath your bed with a sharp bed skirt that comes in various colors so that it goes perfectly with your bedding.

neutral bedroom with neat looking bed with bed skirt that obscures anything underneath the bed

31. Spiff up stainless-steel appliances with a plant-based stainless steel cleaner — perfect for anyone who misses that beautiful, shiny reflection that their stainless-steel appliances used to give off. It uses a blend of natural coconut oil to polish and remove streaks, smudges, and residue. It also leaves a protective barrier so that your surfaces stay cleaner for longer. Need we say more?

32. String up some (truly easy) under-cabinet lights so that you don't have to break the bank to add a classically modern touch to your kitchen. This'll instantly take your space from outdated to ~fancy~.

kitchen with plain white stock cabinets with lights underneath them to make it look so much better

33. Mount a broom and mop organizer if your storage space is smaller than Harry's cupboard under the stairs. This'll help you keep each of your partners in grime organized and within easy reach.

Reviewer's before-and-after of their broom and appliances on the floor, then held up by this organizer