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33 Things That Will Make You Homesick For Brazil

Que saudade!!!

1. Sunrises and beautiful weather, like, every day!

2. Beaches swarming with tons of beautiful people.

3. Lime, sugar, and cachaca as your go-to cocktail, aka caipirinhas.

4. Guaraná as a soda, and not as the extract in 5-Hour Energy™.

5. Getting fresh coconut water on the spot.

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6. Being allowed to drink a nice cold the beach.

7. Pão de Queijo, or what others may know as "cheese bread."

8. Birthday parties with endless plates of salgadinhos and brigadeiros!

Fried goodness and chocolate truffles.

9. Skewers upon skewers of juicy meat.

10. Straw potatoes and corn on top of your hot dog.

11. Bomboms = best chocolate ever!

12. The second part of the song that comes after "Happy Birthday!"

13. Live music everywhere you go.

14. Also, the beach.

15. Being around people who can samba.

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Like this lady!

16. Dressing up in all white and jumping into the ocean on New Year's.

17. Getting your costume ready for CARNAVAL!!!

18. Releasing your inner country every June for Festa Junina.

19. the beach.

20. Chanting your soccer team's battle cry at a home game.

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Mengão do meu coracao!!!

21. Bumping into a capoeira presentation on the street.

22. Kids running around and playing soccer in packs with their smiling faces.

23. Getting your soap-opera fix every night on Globo.

24. Normally priced Havaianas that are not considered to be couture flip-flops.

25. Some of the most beautiful architecture in the world.

Oscar Niemeyer everywhere you look!

26. Waterfalls, on waterfalls, on waterfalls.

27. Saying "what up" to J.C. every now and again.

28. Did I mention the beach?

29. Putting your Nascar skills to use while driving a stick shift.

30. This song that you still can't get out of your head.

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Yes, even after two years.

31. These CDs that remind you of your childhood:

32. IVETE!!!

33. And of course, watching this little breakdown of Pharrell and Snoop getting their samba on!

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