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15 French-Canadian Foods That You'll Want To Eat Immediately

There's more than just poutine.

When you think of Quebec, two things probably come to mind: Céline Dion and poutine. Céline for obvious reasons (she’s Queen Céline, after all) and poutine, well, it’s just downright delicious.

But did you know there are countless other French-Canadian dishes that are just as tasty as everyone’s favourite hangover snack?

1. Tire d’érable

2. Cretons

3. Soupe aux pois

4. Pouding chômeur

5. Tarte au sucre

6. Tourtière

7. Tourtière du Lac-Saint-Jean

8. Ragoût de boulettes

9. Montreal smoked meat

10. Montreal bagels

11. Cheese curds

12. Feuilleté jambon-fromage

13. Guédille

14. Chiard

15. Tarte farlouche

Maybe they should call it "la délicieuse province" because its food is so dang good. Let us know what you're ordering in the comments below.

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