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12 Reasons Why Saskatchewan Is The Most Magical Place You’ve Never Been

See why life in this province is anything but flat.

Let’s face it, if you’ve ever been to Saskatchewan, it was most likely a pit stop on a trip somewhere else. This hidden gem is far too often overlooked.

A photo of a wheat tower on the prairies
Jameslee999 / Getty Images

Here are just a few reasons why the "Land of the Living Skies" offers much more than meets the eye.

1. The outdoor adventures are endless.

A photo of a person canoeing on a lake during sunset
Mysticenergy / Getty Images

If you love spending time in the great outdoors, Saskatchewan has plenty to do. Home to two national parks, miles of desert-like sand dunes, and thousands of freshwater lakes, you’ll be busy all year long! Hiking, swimming, skating, camping — the possibilities are endless, and with a well-established community of outdoor lovers, you’ll never be lonely in your adventures. 

2. The people are ridiculously nice.

3. You might actually be able to afford a home there!

A photo of a young boy on a tricycle staring up at a white farmhouse from the front lawn
Bruce Burkhardt / Getty Images

With the median house price in Saskatchewan just over $280,000, your dreams of home-ownership may not be as distant as you thought! BRB, looking for a house in Saskatchewan immediately. 

4. It’s home to Canada’s longest running multi-day music festival.

5. Traffic? What’s that?

6. You can live out your farm-life fantasy.

A photo of a red barn and steel silos in an open grain field
Mysticenergy / Getty Images

With farmland at the lowest price per acre in all of Canada, this prairie province is the perfect spot to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and start your very own homestead. Little House on the Prairie, here I come!

7. You can literally light up your life.

8. It’s an ideal playground for roadtrippers.

9. The cotton candy sunsets will blow your mind.

A line of steel silos with a bright pink and orange sunset behind them
Mysticenergy / Getty Images

I know it’s a cliche, but the sunsets in SK are something you have to see to believe. Trust me on this one. 

10. The football fandom is unmatched (see what I did there?)

11. You can get your fill of wonderful wildlife.

12. You can live your best lake life, all summer long.

So whether you’ve never been or you were born and raised, we hope you now have a few new reasons to love Canada’s Breadbasket (honestly, that name alone should be Reason Number 13).

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