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17 Photos That'll Make You Say, "Dang, Northwest Territories, You're, Like, Really Pretty"

I need to see these IRL.

When I think "Northwest Territories", I automatically think of the northern lights. While they're gorgeous (and obviously included on this list) there's still so much more to see.

Fall aurora at Cameron River, Northwest Territories, Canada with rees turning to fall colours
Mericsso / Getty Images

Here are 19 photos that'll make you wanna pack your bags and head to the Northwest Territories.

1. Sambaa Deh Falls

View to Sambaa Deh Falls on Trout River with a bridge in the background
Vadimgouida / Getty Images

The falls are located below the Mackenzie Highway, so you won't even need to bust out your hiking boots to marvel at their beauty. There is a network of trails around the falls, too, if you wanna get some exercise (and nail those artsier shots).

2. Nahanni National Park Reserve

An aerial view of the reserve from a plane showing mountains, green space, and rivers
Ondrej Kubicek / Getty Images/iStockphoto

This park is essentially a playground for nature lovers, from canyons to hot springs, to sky-high mountains, it really has it all. Since you probably won't be able to see all of its gorgeousness on foot, you'll probably want to book a flightseeing trip ✈️.

3. Cirque of the Unclimbables

Nahanni National Park Reserve, in the Northwest Territories, Canada
Ondrej Kubicek / Getty Images

Speaking of the Nahanni National Park Reserve, one of the most stunning sights to see in the reserve is the Cirque of the Unclimbables. Look at those mountains! Unclimbable? Maybe. Beautiful? Absolutely.

4. Yellowknife

The city of Yellowknife and the northern lights
Kenny So / Getty Images

If you're going to the Northwest Territories, it would probably be a sin not to visit their capital city. Not only is Yellowknife surrounded by stunning parks, mountains, and rivers to explore, but it's also got a ton of awesome restaurants, farmers markets, and art to experience. Check out NWT Brewing Co., Bullocks Bistro, and Birchwood Coffee Ko.  

5. Houseboat Bay

A colourful group of houseboats scattered in the bay of Great Slave Lake
Image By Sherry Galey / Getty Images

While you're in the city, take a visit to Yellowknife Bay and you'll see tons of colourful houseboats. In the '80s a few families built their homes on old river barges and the community has been growing ever since. I don't know about you, but these floating houses make me want to abandon my shoebox of an apartment forever.

6. Canadian Arctic Tundra

Caribou grazing in the arctic tundra
Galen Rowell / Getty Images

A large portion of the Northwest Territories is made up of arctic tundra. That means you'll be able to explore untouched, frozen grounds as far as the eye can see. Keep your camera at the ready and you might be able to snap some caribou.

7. Aurora Borealis

Northern lights in Yellowknife
Shin Okamoto / Getty Images

Ok, you knew this one was coming, but we couldn't *not* add the northern lights to this list. You can actually see them around 200 nights a year in the Northwest Territories!

8. Cameron Falls

Cameron Falls just outside of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories of Canada in the autumn afternoon
Skiserge1 / Getty Images

This stunning natural display can be found in Hidden Lake Territorial Park, just east of Yellowknife. It takes less than 20 minutes to get to the falls, so you won't need to be a seasoned hiker to get in on the action. 

9. Tsiigehtchic

The rolling hills and rivers of Tsilgehtchic
Grant Faint / Getty Images

Located right where the Arctic Red and Mackenzie Rivers meet, Tsilgehtchic is pretty dang beautiful. It's the ancestral territory of the Gwichya Gwich'in, who still hunt and fish there today.

10. Alexandra Falls

Alexandra Falls tumble 32 meters over the Hay River
Vadimgouida / Getty Images/

Alexandra Falls is a 32-metre marvel surrounded by lush forest. There are two strategically placed viewing platforms, so you won't have to crane your neck to take in all its glory (or get the perfect Insta photo).

11. Mackenzie Mountains

Mackenzie Mountains by Nahanni National Park in Northwest Territories, Canada
Josefhanus / Getty Images

If you want to see some gorgeous, gigantic peaks, you'll want to visit the Mackenzie Mountains. Surrounded by stretches of forest, they're truly a sight to behold.

12. Dempster Highway

Canada Yukon Dempster road l near Northwest territory border with Yukon
Grant Faint / Getty Images

The Dempster Highway will take you from Dawson City, Yukon to Inuvik, Northwest Territories, so prepare for one heck of a beautiful journey. There are plenty of campsites where you can chill for a day or two while you're on your expedition, so you won't have to do it all in one go.

13. Prosperous Lake

A dock on Prosperous Lake at sunset
Wanru Chen / Getty Images

Prosperous Lake is the perfect place for a sunset canoe or boat ride. I mean, do you see that skyline? It is truly epic.

14. Mackenzie River

The Mackenzie River with strips of land covered in tree through it / Getty Images

The Mackenzie River is North America's second-longest river and runs almost the entire length of the province. Though it's formally named after Alexander Mackenzie, it's known by many other monikers. For example, the Dene named it Deh Cho (big river), the Inuvialuktun named it Kuukpak (great river), and Gwich’in call it Nagwichoonjik (river flowing through a big country).

15. Thelon River

The edge of Thelon River covered in trees and bushes
Galen Rowell / Getty Images

Thelon Lake is yet another picturesque body of water to behold and it flows all the way to Baker Lake in Nunavut. Maybe a little far to travel in a humble canoe, but you could always try!

16. Tibbitt Lake

A display of Northern Lights starting up in the twilight, over the river leading out of Tibbitt Lake
Alan Dyer / Getty Images

As you can see by this pic, Tibitt Lake is a spectacular spot to check out the northern lights. You can watch them reflect on the water AND in the sky, giving you a pretty impressive show.

17. Frame Lake

At the rugged shoreline of Frame Lake
Image By Sherry Galey / Getty Images

Even if you don't want to travel far from Yellowknife, you won't have any trouble  seeing some gorge vistas. Frame Lake is actually smack in the middle of downtown!

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