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17 Struggles You'll Understand Only If You Grew Up With Cats

You've probably called them a bitch at least once.

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1. Feeling like you're giving one cat more attention than the other.

FOX / Via

2. The nightmare that is getting white cat hair on a black shirt.

So hair cut. Featuring black shirt covered in cat hair. 🌼💗

@CatKindOfGirl / Via

3. The tragedy of accidentally stepping on their paw.

alixmcalpine / Via

4. Cleaning their litter box and wondering how one cat can shit that much.

NBC / Via

5. Having intelligent conversations with your cat in order to get things off your chest.

Just finally, and belatedly, had the conversation about systemic racism with my cat. If her solemn meows are any indication, she's not happy

@TuckOffDude / Via

6. Feeling hella sad when they're in the way sleeping and you have to move them.

Reddit / Via

7. Or giving up entirely and letting them dictate when and where you can go.

@rachaelelizabeths / Via

8. Leaving for just two seconds and coming back to this.

Your cat my be a glutton if....she knocks over a tower of drawers just to get food. #catproblems

@kaci_clement / Via

9. Having to buy new headphones every few months because your cat chewed through them.

my cat chewed straight through my headphones......

@holla_its_nahla / Via

10. When they bring dead animals to your front door and just...leave them there.

MY CAT JUST BOUGHT ME A DEAD BIRD 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

@TheAri74 / Via

11. When your cat is locked out but somehow manages to open the door with the knob and scare the shit out of you.

FOX / Via

12. And when you have to cat-proof your entire home or apartment.

Instagram: @zrnagy / Via

13. Coming home to fresh cat throw up...on the carpet.

14. When your cat walks on your stomach and it low-key feels like your being shot at.

NBC / Via

15. When you have to keep the toilet paper hidden because this has happened one too many times.

Instagram: @onlyanowl / Via

16. Of course, let's not forget the constant stealing of your hair ties.

For over a year my cat has been stealing my hair ties and hiding them. I believe I've found them

@laneelizabethh / Via

17. And lastly, when they always want to get into EVERYTHING.

@elmojellona / Via

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