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Satellite Images Of Killer Whale Tanks

A handful of orcas, also referred to as killer whales, currently live in a variety of man-made enclosures throughout the world. "Blackfish," a documentary detailing orca captivity, further explores the controversial topic. The documentary is scheduled for DVD and Blu-ray release in the U.S. on Tuesday, November 12.

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SeaWorld Orlando's Shamu Stadium


SeaWorld Orlando is home to Tilikum, one of the orcas featured in "Blackfish." Tilikum has been linked to the deaths of three humans, resulting in the bull orca becoming a focal point of many debates.

SeaWorld Orlando Park Map

Marineland Canada


According to a "Toronto Star" article from November 2012, Marineland Canada is down to one killer whale. For the 2013 season, online reviews indicate that only one was publicly viewable. From this overhead view, a lone killer whale appears to be visible in one of the pools.

Loro Parque


Located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, Loro Parque features what it calls the "Orca Ocean." From this overhead view, no orcas are visible. Based on the park's website and map, orcas live in the tank near the football-shaped top.

Loro Parque Map

Mundo Marino


Located in Argentina, Mundo Marino's "Estadio del Mar" features orcas in the area that looks like a frog's face (a mouth with two eyes). The thought bubble or pool extending from the frog's face showcases dolphins. From this overhead view, no orcas are visible.

Mundo Marino Park Map


Kamogawa Sea World, Japan: website and satellite

According to the "Captive killer whales" wikipedia page, another location in Japan (here's the satellite view) and Russia (no satellite available) may also house orcas.

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