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    • freestate8812

      A distraction? Fischler obviously doesn’t have the slightest clue what life on the ground is like since the GOP has been sabotaging our economy every chance they get. The GOP don’t have a “vague” position, either. It’s perfectly clear: if you can’t write our SuperPACs six-figure checks or let us sell our government off to you piece by piece, we don’t care about you and never will. Also, these clowns should look into the real reason Obamacare is polling badly: a significant portion of the population thinks it doesn’t go far enough. That segment is to the left of the Democrats and will never vote Republican. If only we could all have jobs as “journalists” and spend our days passing of mindless chatter as “news”.

    • freestate8812

      Dorsey is a really horrible “political reporter”. If he knew anything about politics or the presidency, he’d realize that the president’s change in demeanor was calculated to reflect the seriousness of his office. Seeing a president constantly speaking like a candidate would be inappropriate and laughable, and he knew this, so he changed it up. Dorsey also takes this to mean that it’s been a rough “five years”? Of course the presidency would wear anyone out. He still got the law past, and the thing about website troubles is that they’re fixable. Hacks like Dorsey just love this story because it makes what they have to say seem almost relevant. God forbid Buzzfeed ever do any actual policy research. It’s the only “publication” low enough to accommodate Ben Smith and Andrew Kaczynski, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

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