30 Gingerbread House Creations That Will Blow You Out Of The Water

    When can I move in?

    1. This magnificent mansion:

    2. This enchanted castle:

    3. These colorful towers:

    4. This ancient architecture:

    5. This snowy display:

    6. This University of Crumble London:

    7. This "Beauty and the Beast" inspired castle:

    8. And this Hogwarts themed castle:

    9. These friendly neighbors:

    10. This fortress:

    11. This quaint church and village:

    12. These duplexes:

    13. This factory:

    14. This elaborate replica of Washington D.C.:

    15. And this mini replica of the world:

    16. This powdery village:

    17. This tall mountain:

    18. This Quidditch stadium:

    19. These sweet houses:

    20. This futuristic pier:

    21. This elegant mansion:

    22. This homemade town:

    23. This bright city center:

    24. This intricate mountain village:

    25. This Santa market:

    26. This gumdrop castle:

    27. This mosaic mansion:

    28. This funky tower:

    29. This colonial style house:

    30. And this American Swedish Institute replica: