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    21 Gingerbread Houses That'll Make You Say "Well, At Least They Tried"

    This was the first and last time.

    1. This house whose roof slid off:

    2. This house that was attacked by a bearded dragon:

    3. This pile of rubbish:

    4. This massacred attempt:

    5. This cry for help:

    6. This D- work:

    7. This house that was doing alright at first:

    8. This punny attempt:

    9. This house of horrors:

    10. This pile of literally just candy:

    11. This unwanted village:

    12. This house that just didn't have a good foundation:

    13. This, literally, sad house:

    14. This un-jolly house:

    15. This marshmallow mess:

    16. This house that is at least still standing upright:

    17. This house that might have actually burned down:

    18. This blatant fail:

    19. This candied catastrophe:

    20. This festive, but disastrous house:

    21. And this uhhhh... "house":

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