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    19 Worthy Pics Of Dogs Doing Fall Things

    *grabs dog for fall photo shoot*

    1. This pup just sitting on a park bench enjoying the crisp air.

    2. This doggo who doesn't quite understand what to do with all of these leaves.

    3. And these goldens who are equally confused.

    4. This pupper is sporting some high fashion this fall.

    5. And this guy who proves a vest is still a fall essential.

    6. Literally, so much fashion.

    7. This family of hounds spending quality time together in nature.

    8. I mean, this is the real #squadgoals.

    9. Sweater weather is this bub's favorite type of weather.

    10. And sweater weather also means cuddling weather for these fluffers.

    11. These tail waggers who are so excited to go pumpkin picking.

    12. And the best part is coming home and helping the human carve the pumpkins.

    13. This guy is clearly happy with the results.

    14. And these fluffs can hardly wait to get back on the field.

    15. These twins dressing up as their favorite superheros for Halloween.

    16. And Halloween is nothing without a couples costume with your bestie.

    17. This floof who is ready to eat all of the Thanksgiving food that falls under the table.

    18. And this dog just loving adventures with its human.

    19. And finally, this girl just exuding all things fall.

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