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    18 Times Linda Belcher Proved She's Not The Mom We Need, But The Mom We Deserve

    "Mommy doesn't get drunk. She just has fun."

    1. There is no doubt that Linda Belcher is #MomGoals:

    2. She's fierce and commands respect in return:

    3. Her children are her number one priority:

    4. And she always makes sure Bob is taken care of:

    5. She's involved in school activities:

    6. She knows just the right thing to say during those awkward years:

    7. She's raising her kids to be a proper example for society:

    8. She's socially aware:

    9. She knows how to have a good time:

    10. And she's pretty damn witty:

    11. She's downright fearless:

    12. She's supportive:

    13. And will pick you up when you're down:

    14. She's ALWAYS willing to help a friend out:

    15. She likes to keep tradition alive:

    16. She's health conscious:

    17. And likes to educate her children on health-related topics:

    18. But most of all, she gives really great life advice:


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