Just 13 Tweets About Hallmark Christmas Movies That Are Hilarious, Pure, And Real

    'Tis the season to cry uncontrollably over a Hallmark Christmas movie.

    1. It's that time of the year again:

    ‘Tis the season to be crying uncontrollably over a Hallmark Christmas movie.

    2. And we're excited AF:

    I watched the Hallmark channel for 3 minutes and suddenly I'm wearing a turtleneck and seasonal vest.

    3. Grab the eggnog because there are 21 brand new movies to make us cry:

    “Book of Life and Coco sound the same! Why do we need two movies about Dia de los Muertos??” Meanwhile, on the Hal… https://t.co/sHObujisrD

    4. More like sob:

    me: these hallmark christmas movies are so predictable and aren't even that good me an hour in: SHE FELL IN LOVE W… https://t.co/HVjehL4Toq

    5. Like that one time a Hallmark movie literally became real life:

    I just realized that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are living a real life Hallmark Christmas movie. The common Ame… https://t.co/5KjcrR3YE7


    When Hallmark royalty becomes real royalty 👑

    7. And all of us are still waiting for our Hallmark fantasy to come true:

    me: “Hallmark Christmas movies are so cheesy and unrealistic” also me: *secretly hopes this is MY year to save a s… https://t.co/yDmiIvE9FB

    8. But it's ok, we're fine:

    Just a little upset that life isn’t a hallmark movie but it’s fine, we’re fine, I’m fine

    9. Hallmark movies have a way of making our hearts grow three sizes during the holidays:

    Hallmark movie plot Cynic: Argh, Christmas is a drag. The lights, the tree, who cares. Hot guy/girl: I love Chris… https://t.co/Gle1IqZLAe

    10. They may be sliiiightly predictable:

    A Hallmark Christmas movie: Her: I hate you Him: Me too Her: I hate you but I notice you have a good quality Him: S… https://t.co/r0Gxp0gzOX

    11. And somebody's dad is ALWAYS Santa Clause:

    Hallmark movies: some sort of awkward tension between male & female, someone’s name is Nick, holiday issue arises,… https://t.co/WKQ3kgPFZs

    12. Halfway through and you're unsure if you've seen this movie or not:

    It's honestly hard to determine which Hallmark Christmas movies I've seen & which I haven't bc the same actors and… https://t.co/oXwhQATRNN

    13. But regardless, we're going to watch them anyway:

    Does every Hallmark Christmas movie have the same plot? Yes. Am I still going to watch them and act surprised w… https://t.co/qlLUHAyKva

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