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19 Pictures That Prove Teachers Can Also Be Class Clowns

Teaching the youth one quip at a time.

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1. This teacher who prepared for a student-teacher appointment by reenacting this hilarious meme:

@DavidRed / Via

2. This teacher who gave her student the most obnoxious hall pass:

@RonnieRowell / Via Twitter: @RonnieRowell

3. This teacher who decided to have some fun of her own with the test answers:

@burresstweets / Via Twitter: @burresstweets

4. This teacher who had the perfect solution for all of the calculator-stealers out there:


5. This art teacher who hilariously imitated the Key & Peele skit with this attendance list:

NYstate / Via

6. This teacher who made sure to get a shrub-stitute to cover class:

@TheSilverFalcon / Via

7. This teacher who wears a mask so his students can't see his facial expressions while grading their tests:

@zynfrhn_ / Via Twitter: @zynfrhn_

8. This teacher who sent a stern message to the thief who keeps stealing the hall pass with this Taken reference:

@Irrelevantusername31 / Via

9. This teacher who took the opportunity to teach their high school students proper grammar:

@HSTeachProbs / Via Twitter: @HSTeachProbs

10. This math teacher who wished everyone a Merry Christmas in the nerdiest way:

@Janedoe783 / Via Twitter: @Janedoe783

11. This teacher who cleverly thought of a way to see if their students were really paying attention on the exam:

@dalimkh / Via

12. This teacher who had the best sarcastic response for a student trying to get out of answering the problem:

@actsofschool / Via Twitter: @factsofschool

13. These teachers who just couldn't take picture day seriously:

@haystackreaction / Via

14. This teacher who tricked students by taping a photo of himself in the door window:

@KaySizzle / Via Twitter: @KaySiizzle

15. This teacher who played a savage final exam prank:

@isaynonowords / Via

16. This teacher who hilariously embarrassed students who came to class without a pencil:

@Sleal / Via

17. This teacher who cordially denied a test extension request, but wished his student nothing but the best:

@crazyteacherOHS / Via Twitter: @crazyteacherOHS

18. This teacher who gave a witty response to a poorly written email:

@kaneick / Via

19. Finally, this teacher who sent out a missing persons ad when their student didn't show up to class:

@grace__sheehan / Via Twitter: @grace__sheehan

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