17 Parents Who Are Doing Their Damn Best

    They're doing their damn best!

    1. This mom who double-failed while playing with her kids on the seesaw:

    @sgderp87 / Via reddit.com

    2. These parents who accidentally sent their kid flying during a family photoshoot:

    @BriLeBlanc / Via Facebook: ellentv

    3. This mom who tried to make chocolate-covered bananas for her kid to take to school:

    4. This mom who took her eyes off her freshly bathed child for one second:

    5. This dad who potty-trained his son a little too well:

    6. This mom who thought she was buying smiley face — not penis-shaped — pasta:

    Oh Balls! Hilarious moment mum accidentally served her daughter PENIS-shaped pasta - https://t.co/MjJTw747eg #News #Family #Mum #Mumfail https://t.co/V7n7tY1L0h

    @SWNS / Via Twitter: @lifebythecreek

    7. These parents who were just trying to play "race the ball" with their daughter:

    8. This dad whose trip to the waterpark with his son took an R-rated turn:

    9. This mom who realized her daughter knew the words to a very explicit song:

    Someone taught my 3-year-old a DMX song and ... I’m just not sure where to go from here. 😂🤷🏻‍♀️😳

    10. This dad who was enjoying a day at the park with his daughter until this happened:

    11. This dad who realized too late that his son was wearing two very different shoes:

    12. This mom who accidentally sat her youngest child next to her toddler's highchair:

    13. This mom who accidentally burned the face of her family's Elf on the Shelf:

    14. This mom who apparently taught her kid to always take the easy way out:

    15. This dad who's really teaching his son to dream big:

    16. This dad who was left in charge of taking photos of his son's recital:

    This will be the last time they put me in charge of taking pictures for my son's music recitals. #ParentFail

    17. Finally, this parent who forgot it was picture day when they sent their kid to school wearing a dabbing cat shirt: