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19 Photos That Prove Mother Nature Has Zero Fucking Chill

Don't mess with Mother Nature.

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1. These lightning bolts that collided with each other and created this eerie light show:

@Kidbeast / Via

2. This tree that literally bleeds:

@DeauxDeaux / Via

3. This fire tornado that rose from a burning field:

@metoffice / Via

4. These dead snapdragon flowers that resemble tiny skulls:

@kittypinkstars / Via

5. This tree that's been savagely split down the middle by lightning:

@mikeywelson / Via

6. And this tree that's burning from the inside out after a lightning strike:

@canyouactually / Via

7. This animal skull and horns that have been encrusted with salt from the surrounding lake:

8. This spine-chilling storm sweeping across the land:

@scott_from_scotland / Via

9. This tree whose powerful roots are holding on to what little ground Mother Nature has left beneath it:

@jasmsmith / Via

10. This tree that has totally consumed this sign:

@fowler1337 / Via

11. This wave that's about to smash into this lighthouse:

@ghasrac / Via

12. This tree that refused to die:

@expatriate77 / Via

13. This tree that was impaled by a slab of wood during a hurricane:

@megafari / Via

14. This doll head that's being slowly consumed by moss:

@marcellbartos / Via

15. This tree that devoured this bike as it grew:

@PheasantSam / Via

16. This tree and the surrounding rocks that've been eerily webbed by a creepy crawler:

http://@sergej.franz / Via

17. This tree with massive spikes protruding from its trunk for protection: / Via

18. This Venus flytrap that swallowed this fly WHOLE:

BBC / Via

19. Finally, this imprint of an owl the moment it snatched its prey:

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