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    22 Of The Most Wholesome And Savage Things Dads Have Done

    Dads are the best in so many ways.

    1. This dad who overnighted mangos to his daughter because she forgot to pack them:

    @ce_silly_a / Via Twitter: @ce_silly_a

    2. And this dad who sent his daughter a single potato chip in a care package:

    @hannablewett / Via Twitter: @hannablewett

    3. This dad who got a hearing aid tattoo so his daughter wouldn't feel so different:

    Alistair Campbell

    4. And this dad who Venmoed his daughter for an expense from 2001:

    @Adamjacobbbb / Via Twitter: @Adamjacobbbb

    5. This dad who wore wet pants to pick his daughter up from school so she wouldn't feel so upset about the accident she had:

    My little sis had an accident today at kindergarten & this is how my dad left to pick her up so she wouldn't feel so sad/embarrassed 😂😂❤️

    @lucindasowards / Via Twitter: @lucindasowards

    6. And this dad who jokingly photobombed his daughter's proposal:

    @allison_barron / Via Twitter: @allison_barron

    7. This dad who tweeted a request for birthday wishes for his bullied son...

    @Hopenlesmyth / Via Twitter: @Hopenlesmyth

    ...and received so many celebrity responses:

    @TheEllenShow / @monkeyes / @England / Via Twitter: @Hopenlesmyth

    8. And this dad who hilariously trolled his daughter after taking away her phone:

    @bailee_xox / Via Twitter: @bailee_xox

    9. This dad who recreated the Disney fireworks display inside his daughter's bedroom:

    View this video on YouTube

    @LyleCoram / Via

    10. And this dad who tricked his daughters into thinking they had to go to school on April Fool's Day.

    @boucherhayes / Via Twitter: @boucherhayes

    11. This dad who praised his daughter's makeup look in the most amusing way:

    @iamtherealbrat / Via Twitter: @iamtherealbrat

    12. And this dad who sent a hilariously embarrassing voice-recorded card to his daughter:

    @library-mermaid / Via

    13. This dad who takes his daughter out on monthly dates so they can spend daddy-daughter time together:

    Every month this year, my husband has taken our daughter out on “dates”. He brings her home flowers, helps her pick out a dress, and takes her out to split a dessert with him. It’s become a tradition. ❤️

    14. And this dad who savagely commented on his daughter's Facebook photo:

    @Lockdownn / Via

    15. This dad who reached out to the Internet to learn how to better support his gay son:

    @deanevangeliou / Via Twitter: @deanevangeliou

    16. And this dad who played a savage April Fool's joke on his son:

    @joeheenan / Via Twitter: @joeheenan

    17. This dad who made sure his daughter was loved and appreciated every single Valentine's Day:

    @ClassiestQueen / Via Twitter: @ClassiestQueen

    18. And this dad who pranked his son by picking him up in a Speedo:

    @JustinBeadles / Via Facebook: video.php

    19. This dad who was so proud to walk his son to school no matter his son's age:

    @ChuckBrock51 / Via Twitter: @ChuckBrock51

    20. And this dad who sat in on his daughter's grad school class just to embarrass her:

    @ometeanassi / Via Twitter: @ometeanassi

    21. This dad who stepped up in his neighbor's absence:

    @themollycravens / Via Twitter: @themollycravens

    22. And finally, this dad who hilariously trolled his daughter on Facebook:

    @therealburrmartin / Via

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