11 Best Friends Who Will Warm Your Heart And 11 Who Will Make You LOL

    We love them, we hate them...but mostly we love them.

    1. These best friends who wanted to get the same hair cut so their teacher couldn't tell them apart:

    @kdj05 / Via reddit.com

    2. And these guys who held a funeral for their friend who got into a relationship:

    3. These online best friends who finally met IRL after playing hundreds of games together:

    4. And this guy who chose his friend's first tattoo and gave her quite a shock:

    5. These friends who adorably made PowerPoint presentations to catch each other up after being apart for three months:

    6. And these roommates who turned their friend's belongings into an exhibit while they were away:

    7. This guy who came through for his friend with a hug in the middle of the night:

    8. And this roommate who played a prank on their friend who was on their way back from vacation:

    9. These guys who had been playing Xbox together for seven years but just met IRL for the first time:

    10. And this friend who completely trolled a casual Halloween get-together:

    11. This guy who drove 45 miles just to deliver his friend a hot dog at work:

    12. And this guy who hilariously trolled his best friend and his girlfriend:

    13. This guy who adorably asked his best friend to prom:

    14. And this roommate who rigged his dorm door to play the Seinfeld theme song every time it opened:

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    15. These women who supported their recently-divorced friend in the best way possible:

    16. And this person who plastic-wrapped their friend's bed:

    17. This girl who hilariously celebrated the one-year anniversary of her friend dumping her ex:

    18. And this guy who "glitter bombed" his friends car:

    19. This girl who sent a surprise pizza to her best friend in another state:

    20. And this friend who ended a prank war by auctioning off a portrait of their friend:

    21. This friend who swapped pants with his friend so she'd be able to take a quiz in the science lab:

    22. And finally, this friend who put a cardboard shark in the bathroom to scare their roommate: